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March ~ The Month of Hope

 I can not believe that we are already in the month of March and about the enter the season of spring. With spring comes hope, as we leave the dark winter nights behind.

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God’s Best Kept Secret ~ Dahna Fearon

Finding Me Now 

The last three years have been life changing for me; I made the decision to obey God’s call to go on a journey that I could never have imagined would bring me to where I am right now. I am sure for those of you who are reading this right now, you have been through transition. You see transition is the psychological shift from one paradigm to the next. The physical manifestation of this is change- I liken my experience to that of the eagle. Around the age of thirty years old, the eagle starts to get tired, their wings become worn out, and its beak and talons become old. So in this place of frustration and being worn out, the eagle has to make a decision, it can either continue this way and die or go to the top of the mountain and experience the painful process of metamorphosis- where it rips out its talons and wait for it to grow back then it rips out the feathers from its wings and wait for it to grow back, then they beat their beak against the rock until it falls off and waits for it to grow back. After this process, the Eagle then gets a further forty years of life added to its existing life.

I see so many similarities in my own life like the eagle- because I got to a point where nothing was no longer working for me- the money stopped working, I was unemployed, I could barely keep up with my bills; and whilst all of this was happening, I was a minister preaching and teaching Sunday School. No one could tell the pain I was in because I hid behind my makeup and sophisticated outfits, you would have never known that I could barely afford to keep the electric or the gas on or the fact that I was suffering with depression, I would literally be in my house for days without opening up the curtains but by Sunday I would be back on the front row smiling as if nothing was wrong but deep down inside I was screaming “Help”.

But something happened in the midst of this hardship, purpose and destiny woke me up, it was the tragic death of my uncle in Florida that started this life changing journey. It was when I went for my uncle’s funeral in February to March 2014, where God filled me and ignited me with the passion to move to London. I did not know how I was going to make it but less than one year later; I took the leap of faith with one suitcase, my laptop, my handbag and £9 to my name. It was in this season that I surrendered to God and became vulnerable- I slept on my friend’s sofa for seven months, all I had was a dream, no money, no job, but I held on to the reason why I had to move- the purpose behind moving from my place of obscurity to my place of purpose and destiny. Brene Brown says that it is at the place of vulnerability where you experience innovation, creativity and change- it was in those seven months where I experienced a new burst of creativity, I started getting new ideas and I could see the change .I discovered my passion for writing. It was in those seven months where the book, I had started in Nottingham is now completed and will be published at some point this year. I started to master my craft. Just over one year later, I am seeing doors open. I am no longer the little girl who once looked in the mirror and would say daily “I hate you”. I am no longer that weak, timid little girl who allowed people to abuse or walk all over her. In this journey of my metamorphosis, I realised that God had to allow these things to happen in order for me to un-become everything that I was so that I could become everything who God had created me to be. It is only now that I can say I am Finding Me Now.

Dahna Fearon is the founder of the movement Release Me. After graduating with a Law with Psychology degree, she had a sense of a deeper purpose for her life. After one year of consistently being rejected by law firms, she decided to take rejection as direction and instead took a purpose driven journey with the Lord to discover herself. She encountered a long period of unemployment and it was at this point where she began to search within herself and started tapping into a creativity that was unknown to her.

It is during this time of extreme hardship and great loss where the project RELEASE ME was given to her by God whilst she was attending a work related training course. RELEASE ME was launched in October 2015. The aim of Release Me is to educate, empower and establish young men and women to walk in their purpose and destiny; she does this through her Release Me seminars and workshops, social media and through her blogs.

She is a passionate believer in the Lord and is excited about her relationship with the Lord and living her life on purpose. Dahna has accepted the mandate and mission to empower others to walk in their God given purpose and embrace their identity in Christ the way she did. Her life’s purpose is to educate, empower and establish individuals through speaking, writing and singing.

A Letter to My Younger Self – Dear Me

Dear Me,

You are 18 years old and you have the world ahead of you. You are a bright young woman who is searching and wondering what life will be like in  your20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. well I am 51 next month and I want to tell you that you are going to make. It is going to be rocky and painful but you are going to make.

God loves you with an everlasting love. The enemy is going to try and take you out but it will not work, because God has your name written on the palm of his hand.

Continue with your passion for books and reading because it is going to serve you well. One important thing my dear, develop a relationship with The Holy Spirit, love your bible because that book will literally save your life. Read it, digest it, memorise it. Do not listen to anyone who says God is not real, trust me he is very very real. I have seen and experienced things and if it was not for the very present help of God I would be gone. Trust me younger woman, God is real and he has your back even though it may not feel like it but he does.

Oh my goodness if you only knew how much he loves you, oh my! He is going to lead you and guide you through every fiery trial, but you know what you are going to come as pure gold.

Younger me, don’t let your fears, low self esteem or insecurities stop you. I know you don’t have any positive role models at the moment but hang in there because better is coming. You are going to grow into a woman who has a tangible experience with God and when feel like giving up he won’t let you. When you experience shame and embarrassment, stand tall. When you are called evil names remember what God calls you and tells you who you are and what you mean to him. When you cry at 3am in the morning remember those tears are silent prayers to Father God. When you are abandoned remember you are accepted in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Yes whatever poison is thrown at you Jesus has the antidote.

The Holy Spirit in you is a treasure in an earthen vessel, an earthen vessel of honour and high esteem. You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says. You are a great mother no matter what anyone else says, you are a loyal wife no matters what anyone else says.

Be encouraged sweet one because the world will know of the great gift that the Father himself has placed inside of you. It doesn’t look like must now, just remember mining a diamond is a long process but when the process is done and from what ever angle you see the diamond all you will see is something perfectly cut by the hand of God and as the light reflects on it from different angles all you will see is beauty. You are beautiful, you may not always feel like it, but you are.

Be encouraged because your expected end will be great, so be faithful to what  God will put in your hand. You will be taken advantage off, but remain faithful. Your future is so bright, I am excited for you.

All my love Me at 50 👏🙏😘

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