At times having to take a good look at ourselves can be a painful process but it can also be rewarding.

The Johori window is a tool which is used to understand how the world sees us. There are things about our personality that we do not see but others can see. We all have blind spots in our personalities.

How do we respond when those close to us speak the truth to us in Love. Do we go into denial or do we become offended? For a moment step back and just think about what someone has said. Have you heard the same comment said about you before. Is there a pattern that keeps being repeated?

I experienced this several times and I decided not to become offended but took a step back and said are these people seeing something about me that I am not seeing?  I decided to pray about it and make changes. In the end it all worked out for my good.

If you have heard the same comment repeated to you about areas of your personality don’t become offended step back, think and pray about it and make the nessary changes. In the end it will work out for your good.