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God wants you to Win 

Psalms 119 is the longest Psalm in the bible. Its theme is that God’s word is authorative, reliable and powerful. It shows us the integrity of His word.

I once did a daily bible reading plan of the whole book of Psalms and I found it to be an invaluable source of encouragement and spiritual strength.

One thing I learnt from this Psalm is that God wants me to win.  When you feel like falling he will hold you up and keep you lifted. The bible talks about a great cloud of witness’ that are watching and waiting for you to cross the finishing line and enter what the father has for you.

This amazing chapter will show you the authority of God’s word has in your life, its reliability in your life and the power it brings to your life.

No one wants you to win more than father God and he will prove it to you as you read Psalms 119. Allow his precepts, commandments and statutes to be your guide to live a successful and victories life.

My challenge to you today is to take 15-20mins to read this precious Psalms. Trust me you will be blessed!



The One who lifts My Head


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But you, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head ~ Psalms 3:3 (Amplified Bible)

I remember during a certain period of my life that the only glory I had was that of the Lord. I fasted until I could fast no more, I prayed and prayed and prayed until I felt I could pray no more. But you know in the midst of the intense onslaught of the enemy the Lord showed me and covered me with his glory. His glory brought an unusual peace, it became my shield, defence and shelter.

During times of pain and hopelessness the Lord was my glory! When I cried and could not see my way out the Lord was my glory! When I felt like giving up the Lord was my glory!

He was and still is the shield and protector of my heart. Sometimes I don’t know what to say in prayer and all I can do is thank him from my heart,  my heart that he covers with his love.

I would like to encourage you dear heart, that Jesus wants to be your glory and strength. You will daily face challenges but be assured that daily he will lift your head.

Be Blessed!


The Story Behind Your Smile

We all have a story and scars due to the things we have been through. Our smiles will never reflect that pain because we want to hide it.

I always admire people who go through so much adversity and use the adversity as steping stones to go higher. Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan would never have dreamed that at the age of 16 years she would be giving an address in front of the United Nations. At the age of 15 she was shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to go to school. She took that adversity and used it to speak up for young women who wanted to have an education. Despite the damage done to her head by the bullet she has retained her beautiful smile and is now an ambassador for young women.

What ever you do, do not allow whatever issue you are going through to rob you of your smile and tenderness of heart. Keep going and keep smiling. Your story is not in vain or wasted but can be used to encourage someone who needs to know they are not alone.

You may never get the opportunity to speak to the United Nations but you can speak to one person and change the entire trajectory of their life.

One of my favourite portions of scripture in the bible is from Psalms 3:1 ~ 3.

“1. Lord, How are they increased that trouble me! Many are they that rise up against me.  2. Many there be which say of my soul, there is no help for him in God. Selah.  3. But thou O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.”

Dear Heart, The Lord Jesus is your glory and He is the Lifter of your head. So please keep pushing and keep smiling.

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Poured Out Like Water

Psalms 22:14 ” I am poured out like water…….”

I am poured out like water, drip drip drip
Nothing left to give drip drip drip
My reservoir is empty drip drip drip
Poured out like water

I have given all that I can give drip drip drip
I have given my best drip drip drip
Poured out like water.

I sit in a thirsty place drip drip drip
Waiting for a cloud to pass by
Will it be gracious to me and release it precious cargo.
Will I experience the abundance of rain.

Wait, I feel something drip drip drip
The atmosphere has changed drip drip drip
God is pouring into me, rain rain rain
Pour pour pour

Poured out like water.

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