Dear Father God, 

I lift up to you the hearts of those contemplating  suicide at this moment. Lord where they have given up on life divinely show them that they have everything to live for. Where they feel rejected, betrayed and hurt show them the power of forgiveness and the awesome love that you have for them.

Father, where they feel that there life is backed up against the wall and there is no way out, divinely show them a way out. I pray father that you would divinely overshadow them with your love as you overshadowed Mary the mother of Jesus. Ignite their broken heart with hope, faith and trust in you.

Where the enemy has lied to them about their situation I pray father that you would superimpose that lie with the truth and beauty of who they are in you and that they have everything to live for.

Make a way for them Father where there appears to be no way, intervene in their situation in a supernatural way and give them a testimony. Ignite their heart with something to live for and show them father that taking their own life is not the answer.

I release ministering angel to them to comfort and strengthen during this time of need.

In Jesus Name. Amen