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A Young Mother’s Question.

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I was asked a question from my other blog site ( www.jennyallensecretplace.wordpress.com) by a young wife and mother who asked “I would like to hear and find out more about finding me and still find a way to be a great mother, daughter, and the love of my man’s life….” I would like to try and answer her question.

I can totally understand where she is coming from because being a mother, daughter, wife/girlfriend is a tall order and you try to be all things to all men and that is something you cannot do or be. I do not know how old this reader is, if she is married, working, studying or any other circumstance about her but I will answer in general terms based on what worked for me.

From my own experience, before I could look after my family in an affective and meaningful way I took time out to do what I was passionate about and did the things that ministered to me as an individual. For example I loved to read so I got books and found times throughout the day to read. I also loved working out and going to Spa’s and I also loved going for walks in the park. This helped me to focus and think about things that I was worried or concerned about. It was me time. After I took those me times I was better able to take care of my family and be the best that I could be towards them because I had ministered to who I was and am.

Another suggestion is to go out with some your friends, have a girls night out. It’s important not to lose contact with other relationships that you have.  Pursue any personal projects that you may have started and not finished. Volunteer in an organisation that you believe in. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community.

It is very very easy to keep giving as a mother and that’s not bad but it is important to also do the the things that you like to do and enjoy. Create a time slot say once a week or whatever time frame is convenient for you and do something special for yourself. Do you have someone who can babysit for you or can your husband look after your baby whilst you take some time out?

Being in a relationship with someone can be very challenging at times so you want to create special moments to build your relationship. You could arrange for someone to look after your baby whilst the both of you go on a date night. See a movie, restaurant , weekend away, do something that you both enjoy. This could be done once a month for example. It very important that the both of you also talk about what you need from each other in the relationship and take steps towards those goals.

In conclusion St John 16:7 (amp) says that The Holy Spirit is a comforter, helper and counsellor. Pray about your daily routine, ask God to give you wisdom to run your home. Pray as you do the washing, pray as you iron, pray in your children’s room and pray over your home as you tidy and clean it. It does not have to be long prayers but just pray from your heart. Solicite divine help and God will surely honour your prayers.

I trust these few suggestions are helpful to you. Be Blessed!

Religion  ~ Take The Mask Off

image from jessicablain.deviantart.com ….

I have heard this topic preached on so many times in the past but as I look back over my Christian walk over many years, I began to realise  some years ago that I substituted a relationship with Jesus Christ for religious activity during periods of my Christian walk. My religious activity covered personal pain and there was no true relationship where I could be totally honest in the place of prayer regarding how I felt about my life and the direction it was taking.

I thought the more religious activity I did the more I was pleasing God. But it was so far from the truth. I decided you know what, I am taking the religious mask off so what was underneath was exposed. 

I said God I am a mess, please come and heal my heart and all the bruising, cuts and infected wounds. It was a long process and I am still on that road. I took the first step and God honoured it. I realised that painful periods of my past had infected my relationship with my Heavenly Father and I needed healing.

A skilled surgeon knows where and how to cut with a scalpel in order to get to the root of a wound. He knows how deep to go and how much to take out. he also know how to stitch up the wound so only a hairline scare would be evident of the wound you once had. Jesus dear one, is the great physician of your soul.

God is faithful as he knows my weakness. He gave and is continuing to give me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

I shared this to encourage you dear heart to not be afraid to take the mask off. Do not let pride convince you to keep the mask on. Expose what is underneath and let the Lord heal you. Be honest and open before him in the place of prayer. Let your healing begin.

🙏 Lord Jesus I lift up this precious reader to you. As they have read these words touch them in the place of their heart where they need healing. Help them Lord to take the mask off to begin the healing process with you. Wash them with the water of your word in Jesus name. Amen .

My second Blog  ~ Jenny Allen’s Secret Place

I started my second blog a couple of weeks ago. Posting will start on Tuesday 28th July 2015.

For timely devotionals please follow my blog. Www.jennyallensecretplace.wordpress.com  The direct link is in the “about” section of this blog. See above. 

Encourage Yourself


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1 Samuel 30:6.  “And David encouraged himself in the Lord……..”

There are going to be times in your life when you are going to have to encourage yourself. Life has many valley and mountain experiences.

During a valley experience I encouraged myself by reading through the book of Psalms via a daily devotional app by You Version. I can’t tell you what that daily reading did for me. I would pray and ask God to speak to me through a verse, something I would need for the day and the verse highlighted really ministered to me for that day.

I have found ways to encourage myself daily that work for me, a few of them are:

* I declare encouraging scriptures over myself.

* I thank God and express my gratitude for the the things I have and for the things around me.

* I declare God’s Word into my future regarding the things I would like to see.

David had to encourage himself because his enemies had destroyed the families and property of his army and his army turned against him. I imagined David worshiped, prayed and danced before the Lord. This would have shifted his consciousness from his current surroundings to the fullness of who he was in God. The one who delivered him from the lion and the bear would see him through this situation.

Dear Heart, what situation are you currently going through that you will need to encourage yourself through?  What encouragement strategies are you using? Share them in the comments section below, Take some time today to encourage yourself.



The President of the United States of America – The Pressures

obama1Living in London and observing what is currently going on in The United States has made me consider what it  must be really like being the President.

The daily pressure and extreme scrutiny from media outlets and social media must be excruciating. Not to mention the pressure from groups lobbying for their causes, national and personal security, international affairs, daily consistent criticism and the daily threats from opposing factors at home and abroad. What a workload! Of course he has a team around him to help carry the weight but the overall responsibility is his and his alone.

Barack Obama has set a precedent with the use of social media in terms of using it at grass root levels to gather support and momentum for his campaigns and it has worked well. He has broken so many barriers the first being the first African American to become president.

But I always wonder behind his great smile and charisma what are his pressures and challenges that we don’t see. When he leaves his day job and retreats to his private quarters, what pressing issues trouble him the most? The secrets he has to carry must be a burden.

I was watching Sky news last night and a news pundit stated that they did not like his policies but they admired the way he has stood up underneath the pressure of the job. The pressures and stress comes with the  territory.

It’s easy to criticise but how would you cope with the daily responsibility of approximately four hundred million people not including those abroad, trying to make  decisions for the best and being a fair representative for all the people. Not easy! The decisions made may go against his personal convictions but because of the nature of the job and the people his represents he has to make them.

Some of us manage small teams in the work place and have to balance out the team needs. How would you feel managing a few hundred million people and the fact that they all want something from you? What happens when you don’t deliver?

The bible encourages us to pray for those in authority.  If you are someone that prays lets pray for our leaders and their families on a regular basis because they are under pressures that we would never in a million years understand.

1st Timothy 2:1 – 2a

“… I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings

and all who are in authority…”

oabama 2

Relax and allow me to lead you.


Psalms 32:8 ~ I the Lord will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

I am just starting to learn salsa and within the dance the man is the lead dancer with the woman following.

During a routine the teacher was teaching, Unwittingly I was trying to lead and it brought confusion to the routine. My dance partner said to me “relax and allow me to lead you”. When he said that I embarrassingly said ok! When we started the routine again and I followed we were both in step and in tune to the music. There were no errors. He was a very good lead and at the end of the routine he said I did very well.

Isn’t that the same with God, we want to lead until our whole life is out of order then when we see the mess we go back in prayer and ask God to fix it so we can align our steps with his. 

How out of step are we? Are we missing the beat of the music trying to dance our own way to what we think we hear?

As my dance partner said to me and God is saying to you  “relax, and allow me to lead you”

Becoming 50

Last year I turned 50 years old. I looked forward to it because I counted it a privilege to see 50. It was and still is a time to reflect on what I have accomplished during my 50 years. The reflection was a humbling experience because I realised that due to certain circumstances I could have died or had severe mental illness. 

I thank God for each day that I wake up because I have learnt to appreciate the things that we all to often take for granted. Like walking, talking, smiling, working, sharing, love, joy, peace.

I have stretch marks due to pregnancy, cuts from cooking, falling etc. but each of my stretch marks and scars tell a unique story about me and my life’s journey. I have cried many tears, laughed until I could not laugh anymore and my sides ached and prayed and prayed and prayed until my knees became calloused. I serve a mighty God, Oh yes I do and through each painful step of my 50 year journey Jesus was there. Some of you may be thinking as you read this why is she becoming religious??? This is my story not yours, my journey not yours. Jesus has been good to me and I thank him every day.

These are a few of the things I have learnt on my journey in no particular order:

1. Appreciate whom God has created you to be. Do not let anyone or any circumstance tell you otherwise. God’s perspective of you is the one that matters.

2. Be thankful on a daily basis and cultivate a grateful heart. 

3. Cultivate a prayerful heart.

4. Take time to be still daily. Being busy every minute of day is not good for you.

5.Do exercises that you enjoy and eat well.

6.Do not worry what people think of you…. Keep it moving.

7.Do not be afraid to say no.

8.Never stop learning new things. I love to read!!

9.Always be willing to say sorry. Pride is ugly and God does not like ugly.

10. Do not be dismissive of anyone. There is gold locked up in them.

My children tell me that since I turned 50 I have become my bold in my attitude  and you know what….it feels good. 

Please enjoy your life there is so much to see, to do and enjoy. Do not become stagnant in appreciating the things around you and try to find good in each day even though you may be going through a hard time. Enjoy and live life.😊


Restoration from Failure

” Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit” Psalms 51:12.

Restoration can be defined as

1. To give back to someone or something that was lost or taken.
2. To put or bring something back into existence or use.
3. To return something to an earlier or original condition by repairing or cleaning it.

Psalms 51:12 was part of David’s prayer to God after he slept with Bathsheba and murdered her husband. David lost the joy of his relationship with God because of it. His moral failure came between them. David’s inability to see his own wrong doing was covered by his drive to cover his failure at all costs and Psalms 51 is an expression of this.

He is asking God to bring back into existence their relationship and to restore it to it’s original state of communion.

God will never leave us in our failure if we turn to him with a repentant heart in prayer. He is quick to restore his relationship with us if we come to him with a child like faith and heart. Do not let your failure bury you, but let it propel you to seek his forgiveness and walk in the glory of restoration and love.

A Pearl Of Great Price and Value.

Matthew 13: 45~46 ( The Living Bible)
Again the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. He discovered a pearl of great value and sold everything he owned to purchase it.

Do you realise dear heart that you are a pearl of great price and value?

The pearl is formed by the constant rubbing of sand in the belly of an oyster. It is this constant agitation that forms the beauty and uniqueness of a pearl. No two pearls are the same. Each are of a different shape, size and experience.

Dear heart, life has you tossing and turning causing friction in your mind and heart. You go to bed crying and anguished at when will this pain or situation end. Beloved, a pearl is being formed in the deep recesses of your heart, the uniqueness of who Christ created you to be is being formed in you. A beautiful fragrance is being created from your spirit for those around you to enjoy.

As notes from a perfume need a carrier so the Holy Spirit will use you to carry his glory because without him we can do nothing. There is a weight of His glory that you carry and someone somewhere needs to experience, your unique fragrance.

So dear heart remember you are clay in the potters hands, be encouraged because when the wheel stops spinning you will be a vessel for HIS honour, a pearl of great price.

Sow in Tears Reap in Joy

Nearly all of us at one time or another have shed tears about situations or people close to our heart. Our tears are a reflection from the overflow of pain.

Pslams 126:5 says “They that sow in tears shall reap in Joy”. The bible also says that God shall wipe all tears from our eyes. When the reaping season comes our tears of pain and anguish will be wiped away and replaced with tears of Joy.

Your tears are never wasted they ascend to God as a living memorial of your request to him. Psalms 56:8 says that God collects our tears and keeps them in a bottle. Can you imagine the amount of bottles God has and yet he is intimate with each tear drop in each bottle.

Do you remember the tears of anguish Hannah cried to God in 1st Samuel chapter 1? She desperately wanted a child and the chapter states that she was in “bitterness” of soul about her longing.

What ever situation you have lifted up to God in prayer, your tears of sorrow will be turned to tears of Joy. Continue to cast that burden up to God, release your heart to him in prayer because he has you and the situation you are going through in his hand. He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. He has said that his name is written in the palm of his hand.

The Lord is your glory and the lifter of your head (Pslam 3:3). Be encouraged dear heart for The Lord himself is your refuge and strength. Your time to reap is around the corner.

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