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Transitioning Alone  

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As the earth continues to spin on its axis our lives also continue to spin. No twenty four hour period is the same. A mobile phone we used in 1999 will not work in 2016. Today’s latest iPhone will not work in 2025, why?? because of transitions.

Life is consistently changing and whether we like it or not we are adapting to it. We have to or we will not be able to live our daily life. During periods of transitions it is also a time for us to evaluate our relationships and ask ourselves will this relationship allow me to transition with them or will I have to transition alone?

It can be a scary thought but it is something we all at one point or another in our life have to consider. Transitioning alone is daunting but if we are to fulfill our destinies or God given vision then it may have to be a step we may have to take.

We do not want to look back over our life and see regret littered along the way because of fear of taking a step. Take this opportunity to consider your relationships, prayerfully evaluate them and decide if they can walk with you or will you have to transition alone.

Joseph ~ A Miscarriage of Justice

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This morning I was listening to the story of Jospeh on audio bible and the thought came to me that he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. He was excited about a dream that God gave him about his future and he shared it with his family. His brothers became jealous of his story and the special coat his father made for him.  This lead to a chain of events that saw him sold into slavery and then later imprisoned for a crime he did not commit at the hands of a woman who desired him.

This whole situation must have been so painful for Joseph and he must have asked many times what did I do to deserve this? But his integrity served him well and his gift made room for him. He became a powerful ruler in Egypt, second to Pharoh and he ruled over the very people who imprisoned him and sold him into slavery.

Have you suffered a miscarriage of justice by friends or family? Have you been accused of something that you did not do? Then take heart from the story of Joseph, your integrity in the situation will serve you well. What was meant to destroy you God will use it to elevate you. What was meant to ostricize you will bring you into the gathering and company of great men and woman.

Everything that has taken place will be used to turn your life around for good. Don’t let fear, resentment, anger or bitterness get in the way. Release the power of forgiveness into your heart and watch God use it to elevate you into your dream and vision as he did Joseph.

Dear Heart, God is not unjust to forget your labour of love. He has and will always be your shield, defender and the lifter up of your head. Don’t let your hands become weak and don’t let your knees became feeble. Pick up that plough and keep it moving because what you plough today will be a great harvest tomorrow.

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