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Religion  ~ Take The Mask Off

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I have heard this topic preached on so many times in the past but as I look back over my Christian walk over many years, I began to realise  some years ago that I substituted a relationship with Jesus Christ for religious activity during periods of my Christian walk. My religious activity covered personal pain and there was no true relationship where I could be totally honest in the place of prayer regarding how I felt about my life and the direction it was taking.

I thought the more religious activity I did the more I was pleasing God. But it was so far from the truth. I decided you know what, I am taking the religious mask off so what was underneath was exposed. 

I said God I am a mess, please come and heal my heart and all the bruising, cuts and infected wounds. It was a long process and I am still on that road. I took the first step and God honoured it. I realised that painful periods of my past had infected my relationship with my Heavenly Father and I needed healing.

A skilled surgeon knows where and how to cut with a scalpel in order to get to the root of a wound. He knows how deep to go and how much to take out. he also know how to stitch up the wound so only a hairline scare would be evident of the wound you once had. Jesus dear one, is the great physician of your soul.

God is faithful as he knows my weakness. He gave and is continuing to give me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

I shared this to encourage you dear heart to not be afraid to take the mask off. Do not let pride convince you to keep the mask on. Expose what is underneath and let the Lord heal you. Be honest and open before him in the place of prayer. Let your healing begin.

ūüôŹ Lord Jesus I lift up this precious reader to you. As they have read these words touch them in the place of their heart where they need healing. Help them Lord to take the mask off to begin the healing process with you. Wash them with the water of your word in Jesus name. Amen .

Unveil Your Heart

Life can throw so many things at us that it can cause us to veil or close our heart. People hurt us, people tell lies on us, we experience the pain of broken relationships and the list goes on and on.

When we close our heart we lock in the pain and lock out healing, restoration and love. The thing that we want is on the outside and the thing we do not want is inside of us. A switch needs to take place.

Unveiling your heart can be a difficult thing because you become afraid of getting hurt again or trusting again. But we have to take that step so that the pain in our heart does not lead to an emotional infection and damage every relationship we have.

I had trouble unveiling my heart to anyone. I was too afraid to release what was inside even though it was infecting me. I went to church and said and did all the right things but my heart was still hurting. Church is a good place to hide, just smile and say “Praise The Lord” or you go to work and pretend that your whole life is great. How many of us do this? I know it’s not just me. How many of us can be honest with ourself and just say I am tired of pretending, I just want to unveil my heart.

Having an outlet to release your pain is important. Beside your personal devotion or prayer time, Do you have a trusted friend that you can start the unveiling process with? Have you considered counselling? The pain you carry in your heart can hinder you from becoming all that God wants you to be because the plans that he has for you are good ones and the love he has for you is beautiful. Do not let your past rob you of a bright future. You do not have to pretend anymore. Seek help and support and let go.

There is so much beauty in you but the world cannot see it because it is hidden behind your pain. Your beauty has been eclipsed. You have a God given gift that the world needs. Your smile is needed, your touch is needed, your encouragements are needed, your friendship is needed, your love is needed. Do not deny the world of your gift, we need it, we need you!

Withered Hearts

During a time of personal devotion I was reading Matthew 12:9-13 from the bible. Its¬†the story of¬†a man with a¬†withered (deformed)¬†hand. This man sat in the temple whilst Jesus was teaching and Jesus called him forward to bring healing to him. This took place in the midst of Pharisees who dared Jesus to heal him. After a few choice words to the Pharisees Jesus brought restoration to the man’s hand.

On further study some historians believed that this man’s trade was that of a plasterer or bricklayer¬†and his hand became damaged as a result of his work. I believe that his inability to work was not the only thing that was affected, but his self esteem as a provider for his family had withered, his relationship with his wife may have been affected and how would his friends and the local community had viewed him?

I have been in situations where life circumstances and situations caused the dreams of my heart to become withered. It affected my self esteem so badly that I just wanted to give up. People pointed their finger at me and laughed and told so many lies on me that I had to wonder if it was really me they were talking about. It was a crushing experience that caused me to recoil and hide in the cocoon I had made for myself. My heart became withered.

However in my cocoon God kept sending me people who watered my hurting heart. He used them to touch me and show me his love. I very slowly came out of the cocoon and had gathered enough strength to give my withered heart to Jesus. The man in temple might have viewed Jesus as his last hope and chance for healing and in front of everyone extended his disfigurement to Jesus and in taking that step of faith he experienced healing and restoration. I too took a step of faith and lifted my disfigurement to Jesus and I have experienced healing and restoration for my withered heart.

My journey may not be your journey but take a step my friend, kneel down and pray or find someone who you can trust with your bruised heart. Some people may want you to keep your disfigurement hidden because it suits them or you may feel that it is too shameful to bring to light. This man in the temple took a step of faith and that step lead him to his miracle. Dear reader take a step of faith and allow your withered heart to gain strength and begin to beat again to the beautiful music of life.



Lord, I pray for the person reading this blog. Touch their withered heart, minister to the pain they may be feeling at this moment. Bring healing to them and give them the strength and understanding to know that they are loved and appreciated. Ignite the passion and dreams that they have in their heart. Embrace them in your love. Amen


The Alabaster Box

Matthew 26:6-13         John 12:1-8

Dear Heart,

What is it that is so precious to you that you have had to sacrifice? Sacrifice is relative and what’s a sacrifice to one person may not be to another. The above passages from the bible tells of a woman who sacrificed something that cost her a years’ salary. The bible describes it as a very precious ointment that she used to anoint the head of Jesus. The disciples were very angry about the way she used the ointment¬†and that it was a waste because it should have been sold and the proceeds used to feed the poor. Dear heart, whatever¬† you¬†do for the sake of the Kingdom can never be wasted and you can never be disadvantaged.

The woman did something that remained with Jesus through his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, his arrest, his trial, crucifixion and death. Little did she know that this sacrificial act would make its way into the bible and prepare Jesus for the suffering he would encounter. Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 26:13 that wherever the gospel is preached this selfless act would be remembered as memorial.

Whatever dear heart you have sacrified for family, ministry,¬† job, whatever…… you will not and can never be disadvantaged. Why you may ask because you will reap what you sow¬†( Genesis 8:22) If you have sown love, sacrifice, faith then expect to reap the same. Whatsoever a man soweth, the same shall he also reap. You can not¬†sow apples and reap oranges. Ensure dear heart whatever alabaster box you break to release the¬†inner perfume, ensure it comes from a pure heart.¬† A heart that touches the throne of God, a heart that is free from bitterness, hatred, strife, anger and all other negative emotions because these thorns destroy the garden of your heart.

Don’t allow anyone to turn the beauty of heart from a cultivated garden to a thorn filled¬†garden with no room for growth or beauty. It’s not worth it dear heart, let it go, let it go, ¬†let it go…….. Forgiveness is a choice, choose life and live……..

Let us pray,

Dear Father I thank you for the precious person. I pray that whatever pain they are carrying in their heart that you will bring healing to their heart. Your word states that there is a balm in Gilead and you Jesus is that balm. Touch this precious reader, heal their hurting heart. Amen

Healing Hands, Healing Heart

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