* Client Testimonials *

The Self-Esteem and Confidence Workbook was a needed ‘MOT’.  It helped me to acknowledge areas of strength, areas that still need to be worked on, and more importantly the realisation that I cannot keep avoiding the need to set goals.  At the end of the session, I felt liberated to tackle issues that I had put off for quite a while. I would recommend the workshop to other women. Margaret M ~ Workshop Attendee

I was totally inspired by this workshop. The areas addressed in the presentation and the workbook really allowed me to identify areas in my life that I need to work on, in light of how I see myself as a woman. One important gem that was mentioned by Jenny, “Don’t hide your scars” resonated so much with me and  will become my mantra. I’m so glad that I decided to attend this workshop. Alison R ~ Workshop Attendee

Thanks for the invite to attend your wor­kshop. It was a great experience learning your story and your passion to stage your workshops. Congr­atulations for making your dream become a reality.

It was wonderful mee­ting the other atten­dees and finding out about the work they had accomplished, listening to the chal­lenges they had iden­tified, their fears and how they had eit­her overcome them or were working their way through to doi­ng so. We all have our weaknesses and th­ere is a strength and important purpose in joining forces to help each other thr­ough what for some can be a hill to clim­b. There is power in collectively reachi­ng a destination for professional or per­sonal reasons.

Your style of delive­ry is all embracing. You have clearly re­searched your subject and you made every­one, well, let me ta­lk solely about me, feel very warm and welcome. Chrystal Rose ~ Workshop Attendee

Photo from Gee Ashley

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I love the feeling of freely expressing myself on a piece of paper, sticky note or even a blog post. It is amazing how my words on the page flow together so perfectly. I knew for quite some time, that writing was a God given gift but I did not know how to use it. For years, I was paralyzed with fear and doubt. It was not until the Holy Spirit led me to Periscope and I came across coach Jenny Allen’s videos. I would watch them daily and they were inspiring and insightful.  

I did not fully understand the importance of my gift until I saw her video about letting your gifts be known and you can no longer hold your gifts hostage because people need to hear your story. You never know how many people you can bless with your words. It was at that moment that I made a conscience decision to write daily posts on my blog called Precious Principles. No longer will I continue to make excuses or care about what others may think of my writing. My gift is to write and I am going to use it to encourage others and glorify Christ. I truly thank God for using Jenny and her Periscope videos to reach me and help me to come out of my comfort zone, because if He did not I would still be stuck behind the computer screen with tons of ideas still in my head


Lynn Kanyowa-Ndhlovu

This course was an eye opener for me . I’m always preaching about Love yourself but what exactly do you love about yourself ? I’ve had to really search deeper and realised there’s so much to love about myself . If you are feeling lost and need to find yourself again this short course is the place to start. Thanks for creating this Jenny, I truly enjoyed the journey of discovering myself again .