F.E.A.R ~ False Evidence Appearing Real



The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. This is one of my favourite acronyms because it sums up the essence of what fear really is. Don’t get me wrong I think a bit of fear is good if you are taking a step to try something new, having that kind of edge can be helpful. However fear that is prolonged, crippling and paralysing is destructive and intervention is needed.

Remember the acronym says that fear give false evidence. Many of the things that we are in fear of never happens, its false evidence. So whenever you feel afraid or fear is having an usual grip on you take a moment to examine it and ask yourself the question is this fear painting a false picture of an event that may never happen? If you need help to  unravel it then get help but don’t allow yourself to be in bondage by such an emotion.

Remember your destiny and vision is too important to be trapped by false evidence that appears to be real.



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