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Recently I gained a new lesson in learning how to wait. I went to an appointment and had to wait three hours before I was seen. As you can imagine I was not happy and it was a good job I had my Ipad with me as wifi was available so I decided to do some work.

I thought I had mastered the art of being patient and waiting but that experience showed me I had to dig a bit deeper. One of the things it reminded me of was how important it is to be still. We live in an age which is rush rush rush and society does not appear to be slowing down.

In what area’s of your life do you need to be still? What areas are you having to experience ‘The Wait’? Take a moment to think.

After three hours I was eventually  seen and it made me think of the many times we anticipate and  focus on the actual destination (the car, house, marriage) and never take the time to think of the actual journey and what the journey can teach us about life.  Take a moment to think of  the journey you are actually on now. What life lessons have you learnt and how  you can apply it on the future journeys life will bring you?

The wait is not about the destination it is about the journey.

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