Restoration of your Honour and Dignity

Psalms 71:21 ~ Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.

We have all had situations in our life where we have suffered a loss of greatness, honour and dignity. these can include our work, family, marriage, relationships, business and church.

God has promised to restore our dignity, honour and greatness for each loss we have suffered. He restored the honour of Joseph in Genesis 41 and Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 and chapter 2:20-22. These are great examples of restoration.

Ask God in prayer to restore your honour, dignity and greatness. The humiliation you experienced in the past is not a picture of how your future will be. Like Hannah and Joseph you will be restored. Receive courage and faith from the vindication they received from God.

Your future is bright so start celebrating.

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  1. Cecile Genius

    Hello Jenny I was so encouraged today by your
    Post the article really ministered to my soul
    I thank u so so much for being obedient to the
    Holy Spirit this was a very untime word for me do thanks again and God bless .

    1. heartofrefuge (Post author)

      You are so welcome Cecile. The Holy Spirit know what we need and it is a privilege for him to use me to bless you. Please make sure you sign up to my blog/website so we can stay in contact as I have so much more to share. God bless you❤️


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