Transitioning Alone  

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As the earth continues to spin on its axis our lives also continue to spin. No twenty four hour period is the same. A mobile phone we used in 1999 will not work in 2016. Today’s latest iPhone will not work in 2025, why?? because of transitions.

Life is consistently changing and whether we like it or not we are adapting to it. We have to or we will not be able to live our daily life. During periods of transitions it is also a time for us to evaluate our relationships and ask ourselves will this relationship allow me to transition with them or will I have to transition alone?

It can be a scary thought but it is something we all at one point or another in our life have to consider. Transitioning alone is daunting but if we are to fulfill our destinies or God given vision then it may have to be a step we may have to take.

We do not want to look back over our life and see regret littered along the way because of fear of taking a step. Take this opportunity to consider your relationships, prayerfully evaluate them and decide if they can walk with you or will you have to transition alone.


  1. upasna1987

    A good way to evaluate our relationships and take only worthy ones along.

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thank you for reading my blog and for your comments. God bless you!

  2. lavonnelucas

    Hi dear sister this is Lady Ward from periscope ! I loved this blog on transitioning because I posted three words with scripture in my garage (got motivation as I work out )
    The words are TRANSFORM , FOCUS and TRANSITION !!!
    You prophesied a couple of week ago that I would be challenged but God was spiritually building a safety net of protection around my family. I replayed the scope and wrote everything down . The Holy Spirit spoke through you that I was a powerful woman of God and that my family would be used for ministry .
    I am staying on my knees and praying fervently !
    I do feel like my mind is being stretched as I intercede for my family and support my husband who is a pastor . I listen to your scope today and although I donot feel as though my husband truly appreciates all I do ink now that my voice matters ! I am going to start scoping more as spiritual therapy ! Keep me in your prayers because truly I know that there is a balm in Gilead!!

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thanks for your comment. Being a Pastor’s wife is never easy and at times your efforts can go unappreciated. But remain focused on what God is calmly YOU to do and take direction from him about your family. He will always guide you right and never wrong. As this blog is a public forum let’s keep in contact via email. Contact me on You are a blessed woman, never forget that?

  3. Cecile Genius

    I was really blessed by your post to day about going it alone I am there right now God is really using you Jenny to speak into the lives of his people my prayer for u is Gof continue to increase u in spirit and might


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