Dealing with Depression

Deut 31:8.   Deut 32:10   Psalms 40:1~3

Depression is one of the subjects that the church sweeps and keeps under the carpet. Many Christians sit in church’s under an evil cloud of depression and because they may not here the subject preached in their local church they feel that it is something they can never share or ask for the help they need. They feel ashamed. The enemy wants to keep you in the realm of darkness so he can continue to tourment you. Please remember you are not alone.

I have experienced depression a few times through the course of my life.  Thank God I reached out for help with Christian  Councelling. Depression can be complex and vary from person to person and symptoms can persist from several weeks to months or even years in some cases.  People can be affected by so badly that it interferes with there work, social and family life.

Some of the physiological symptoms can include:

1. Continuous low mood and sadness.

2. Feeling hopeless and helpless

3. low self esteem

4. feeling tearful

5. No motivation or interest in things you once loved.

6. Finding it difficult to make decisions 

7. Not enjoying life.

8. Anxious or worried

9. Thoughts of suicide or self harm.

Some of the physical symptoms can include:

1. Moving or speaking slower than usual.

2. A change in appetite. You are eating more or less than normal.

3. Unexplained aches and pains

4. Lack of energy/sex drive

5. Disturbed sleep patterns

6. Avoid contact with family or friends.

Here are four practical tips that I have used and continue to use in dealing with depression and I pray that you will find them helpful. But please remember that if you need to get counselling then please take that step and never allow pride to hinder you from asking for help.

Tip1. Form positive new habits, breaking the old ones and distorted thinking patterns. Rewire your mind. I constantly listen to messages and speakers that challenge my thinking and I also listen to worship because it removes the emphasis from me and puts it on God.

Tip2. I love walking and so I walk 2 miles, five days a week as a way to just clear my mind, I also love water aerobics so I do this weekly along with a sauna, steam and jacuzzi treatments. I loveeeee this!?

Tip3. I try not to spend to much time alone, so I make the effort to have positive interactions daily. I have also developed my hobbies of reading, blogging, visiting museums and travelling.  

Tip4. I also take the time to memorise scripture so I can meditate on them throughout the day.

There are some great christian counselling services available and I would encourage you to seek out their assistance. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all you may ask or think. He wants you to prosper in every area of your life and it is not his desire for you to be unhappy with the life he gave you. He wants you to have abundant life, a full life, a happy life and a rich life and by His grace dear heart you will. 


  1. Tienny The Storyteller

    Thank you.


    1. Heart of Refuge

      You are welcome

      1. Tienny The Storyteller


  2. Rose

    You are correct, we hardly hear depression preached about. However it is very common, especially in these times. I like the tips you shared. Rewriting your mind is important the battle begins and ends in the mind

    1. Godsfruitful


    2. Heart of Refuge

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. ?

      1. Rose

        You are welcome.

  3. Godsfruitful

    Great post!! We know from our Scriptures that many suffered depression and God was the ultimate helper ???❤️ Such a need in our busy world! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. ?

  4. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding

    Your tips are great. I think for many of those who do not understand depression and how it affects one’s life, it’s hard for them to get depression. Too many times, you hear “Just cheer up” and you will be fine or “just stop feeling sorry for yourself” and you will be fine. Depression is so much more than this and not a topic very many want to deal with. We need to be more compassionate to others who are dealing with depression and one of the simplest acts would be to listen and love. Great post to share. Blessings to you. 🙂

  5. Abundance of Faith (MA)

    Love this post!

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thanks Monica ?


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