Would Jesus prefer hooped earrings or studs?

I was reading my Joyce Meyer bible devotional the other morning and she was talking about how use to be judgemental about how people use to dress to go to church. Then the Holy Spirit began to challenge her about the way she use to dress to minister, she was actually considering wether she should wear denim. Joyce could not make up her mind so her son said to her “Do you think God is worried about polyester or denim?”

It reminded me of an incident I witnessed once when I went to church and a young woman was wearing hooped earrings and she asked to remove the earrings. “Do you think Jesus prefers hoop earrings or studs? Skirts or trousers?”

I know some of you may be thinking that the type of trousers or skirts or whatever should not be worn because it maybe to tight or to short. I totally understand that when standing to minister that our apparel should not be distracting to the word preached. I totally understand that, but my concern is focus on the outer garment and not the garments of our heart.

I have also seen people dressed with the “appropriate” church attire and their attitude is questionable and Inhave seen people come to church in attire not considered acceptable by the church but their attitude is reflective of love, joy and peace.

Many of the lessons I have learnt  or from people who would be rejected by the church because of their clothing. Our rejection does not mean Jesus’ rejection. he died for them, he had his hands paired for them and Jesus is forever mindful of them.

So what do you think Jesus would prefer hooped earrings or studs?


  1. Susan Brown

    Hey Jenny, When I first read this title it took me back to my early walk in Christ lol. So I thought this was going to be a bumpy ride! It’s so wonderful to see your conclusion and looking forward in sharing your final draft!

    Many the blessing of Almighty God continue giving you though provoking themes which helps us to walk freely from the doctrine which once crippled us. Praise God we are now free!!!


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  2. Pamela Cohen

    Awesome Jesus wouldn’t care what you were, he cares about our Heart, and our Salvation.


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