KBS Domestic Violence Awareness Faith Conference.


I had the privilidge of attending  this conference on Saturday and It was so impacting. It was great to see women and men for the church and other faiths share their stories.
In our communities we tend to hide what is going on because of the shame associated with it and we go to church each week and worship God who sees our pain and scars from the abuse suffered.
Over the past week I have met and spoken with people who are determined to bring this out from under the carpet. It is time to heal from the shame. It’s time to come out of the darkness and into the light. Jesus came and took our shame and has provided a garment of praise and joy for us to wear.
Exposing the pain and wounds of domestic violence is a journey of healing not just as individuals but as a community of believers. I listened to stories of christian women who suffered silently for years in their church with no support from those shepherding them. A representative from a male DV organisation shared stories about men who suffer in silence. 
So many people sit in church and pretend and then go home to a living hell. My encouragement to you is to get the help that you need. It is not going to be easy but take it one step at a time.
This conference showed me that church communities have a responsibility to administer healing to this hidden issue by firstly creating forums and raising awareness from their platforms and pulpits. 
Over the last week I realised that the The Holy Spirit is at work by using people to bring this hidden abuse out and into the open. 

Please visit Kim’s Website at  www.Kimbacchus.com

Please also visit my Domestic Violence Awareness page at the top of my blog for church resources and other information.


  1. losing4Christ

    This is great, I love seeing what others are doing to bring awareness in faith communities. As you know, it is my passion as a survivor. I hope to one day be able to host a conference in my area. Thank you for sharing and I will be checking out Kim’s website.

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thanks. We are beginning to raise awareness in London. I will be going to another DV faith based conference at the end of November. I will also blog about that one ???

      1. losing4Christ

        That’s wonderful. I am looking to get involved more in my area as well. I look forward to your blog posts.


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