The Generational Gap

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The other day I was sharing with someone about the generational gap. Our young people are experiencing things that we never experienced or had to go through. They are exposed to a lot more sex, drugs and so many other things that use to be in the closet but are now the norm and open.

My own children come and ask questions or want to discuss topics  that to be honest at times make me cringe but I have to listen and discuss it with them. I have heard many young people say that their parents don’t understand or there is no way I can discuss this with my parents.

Listen, our world is changing at a rapid rate technology is changing every few weeks and we have to prayerfully rely on the Holy Spirit whilst we have conversations with our children and young people. Some churches have not developed to the point where there can be open dialogue and as a result the church is losing young people. The millennials are turning to other gods and religions.

As adults we can prayerfully discuss topics with our young people in a way that they know we are hearing them and that they are being understood. We cannot afford to let ourselves become obsolete. Technology is shrinking our world rapidly and the iPhone, iPad etc is normal everyday equipment to them. When I was growing up there was no internet, no email, no computer games, no nothing.  All we had was the park, our bikes and a skipping rope. ( If you can relate to that please “like” this post so I know I am not on my own).

Please don’t get me wrong we are not lowering ours standards or anything like that, but we have to talk, try to understand and give a listening ear to our young people. I can appreciate that as an adult you may never have had anyone listen to you and you were not given the chance to express yourself, but you now have the chance to prayerfully extend to someone what you never received. God can help you. Read books, investigate how you can be a listening parent there is a lot of material out there to help you.

Young adult, take your time with your parents. One thing you must do is respect them despite whatever shortfall they may have. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet, it’s no joke. You will see when you have your own children.

Let us close the generation gap with love, prayer, understanding and a listening ear.

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