God’s Fingerprints

I was reading a blog post a few weeks ago and the blogger was sharing that God’s fingerprints are everywhere just like ours are. Why? Because we touch things to connect with this physical world and God’s touch and finger prints run through out the earth. Look at nature as an example.

His fingerprints is unique to each of us, he will touch us with his love and the print of it will be left on hearts and lives.

My brothers and sisters came from the same parents but we each have a unique set of prints. Twins who are identical have different fingerprints. Isn’t that a beautiful thought to consider. You are unique in your own right and God has His fingerprints all over you.

Meditating on that thought should make you feel special as there is no one like you, whether past or present or in the future with your set of fingerprints. Your uniqueness is God given and no one can take it from you. No matter what anyone says about you or how anyone feels about you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are UNIQUE, one of a kind, never to be duplicated.

Dear Heart, The almighty God is the greatest designer ever. He created you so remember his fingerprints of acceptance are all over you.

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