Heart to Heart: I had a stutter ~ I have a voice


When I was much younger I had a stutter and it caused me to be very shy. It was awful because I knew what I wanted to say but the words would not come out. The emojo depicts how I use to feel when I had to speak in public.

I remember  a particular teacher in secondary school would asked everyone to read out loud during the english class and I would be sweating because of the stutter I had. But I did it anyway.

My self confidence was affected and it caused me to withdraw into the world of books and reading which I loved. I think I read every biography in the library at that time. During the holidays I would go and sit in the library and read. I loved it there and still do.

My stutter slowly disappeared as I grew older and it only affects me now if I am really tired or stressed. But I did not allow it to hinder my quest for knowledge in the things I was interested in. One thing that encouraged me was when I found out that Moses in the bible had a speech impediment but God used him to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt.  I realised that I have a voice to encourage people. God has taken my voice and used it to bring comfort to hurting hearts over the years.

I am so excited that I have two blogs. The other is www.jennyallensecretplace.wordpress.com. My blogs have been a place of great expression for me and I am grateful to Father God for this forum. My beginnings on my blogs may be small but my latter end will be great, because Father God has given me a voice that is perfect to him, stutter and all. 

I am also grateful to you dear reader for taking some of your precious time to read my blogs. I pray that Father God would continue to use my voice to bless and encourage you.         


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  1. shouldiwriteitdown

    I know exactly how you felt. It’s often easy for people to misunderstand what it’s like for a stutterer to have to say something in public or deliver a presentation.. It always looks easier that it is.. I’m glad you have managed to deal with it 🙂


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