Parents Apologise to your Children.


Parenting is a role that no one is prepared for. You can read numerous books on being a parent, watch lots of videos and even take parenting classes. To a certain degree this helps but nothing fully prepares you for the task ahead.

As adults we can look back on our own relationships with our parents some parts of it were good and some bad. Parental negative words and wounding have affected us in more ways than we care to realise. I know of a few people who are striving not to be everything their parents said they would turn out to be. In essence they are fighting against those negative words in their mind, heart and soul.

No parent is perfect and because of this, some time ago I sat my own adult children down and apologied to them. We had a long discussion and at the end of it they felt and appreciated that I heard them and it went someway in liberating them.

Some parents may never do that because they are the parent and why should they apologise for things that have happen. Well, if you do not hear your child out without becoming defensive as a parent you are creating a wound in them that will never heal. I am not saying this is the case for every family situation and parents should not go around apologing for everything but it is important that as parents we listen, listen to heart of our children. This should be done after much consideration and prayer. Each situation is measured by its own merit.

As a parent think for a moment about your relationship with your parents. What do you wish your parents would have considered about you? Before we judge our children so harshly, think about your relationship with your parents and then think and consider your relationship with your children. If there are any cycles then you must think about breaking them so it does not go down another generation and affect your grandchildren and subsequent generations. 

You are not perfect so why do we expect our children to be perfect. Parents make mistakes and often times will never own up to it or apologise for it. This is food for thought and I trust this post has got you thinking.

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