The Charleston South Carolina Church Massacre

When I first heard about this horrific incident I was so shocked. The victims were doing bible study in the basement of their church and welcomes this young man into the study. He was apparently with them for an hour and then he opened fire and murdered nine people.

The victims were all respected members of the AME church and in the community. They would have gone about their normal lives that day and keeping in mind that they would be attending bible study that night.

I saw an interview with the three children whose mother was killed they said that at this moment everything was surreal. It had not sunk in yet that their mother was gone. She will not see them graduate, marry or see her grandchildren. What kind of world are we living in?

My heart really goes out to the victims families. By all accounts they were people who loved people and they had generosity of heart. They have left a legacy of love, kindness and generosity.

Our churches are no longer safe havens as they once were. Our world has and is continuing to change an at an alarming rate. Crimes that we could never have imagined are taking place. 

When I listed to this story on the news, my mind went back to the American Deep South that was littered with lynchings, segregation and in your face hate. If we could take our modern day phone and travel back in time to the 1950’s especially, what scences would the phone have recorded?  Would we have video footage of Emmet Till being kidnapped? What about the murder of the freedom riders in Missisippi? What would we see?

It now appears that the ordinary man in the street has to protect himself by recording any interaction with the police and uploading it on social media. Without this we would not know the truth of what happened to so many black people who were arrested by police and die in police custody. The camera on a phone has come to the defence of many a citizen and has replaced what the law should be doing and that is to protect. It is very sad but our world is hurting and bleeding.

Dear reader let us continue to pray for the relatives of those massacred in Charlston, South Carolina and pray out of this awful and deplorable situation some healing in some way will begin to take place.

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