Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence (DV)  has been coming out of the shadows over the last few decades and has been finally getting the attention it deserves.

For many years it was hidden and not discussed as it was considered a private matter and not for public consumption. In the early 1970’s that all changed when a woman called  Erin Prizzey open the world’s first woman’s refuge in Chiswick, London and brought this ugly secret out for the world to see and understand what was happening on their own door step.

Domestic violence does not respect, race, culture, religion or social standing. It is happening in the home of the extremely wealthy to the homes of those who are poor. For 3 years I did voluntary work for the East London Rape Crisis Service, which also covered domestic violence.  I listened to so many stories of the pain these women went through and are still going through. In many communities it is still a taboo subject and the helpline was their only outlet.

Domestic violence is not only violence against women but there are an increasing number of men coming forward who are suffering violence from their female partners. Men’s refuges are springing up around the country.

I have also been concerned about domestic violence in the church and how in some churches it is still being swept under the carpet and the subject never discussed. There are a few high profile churches that have programs to raise awareness and can offer help but on the whole it is still a silent evil.

I intend to write a few blog posts on DV so stay tuned. 


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