I Love Reading

One of my goals this year is to read more books. When I was a teenager I loved to read and spent a lot of my school holidays in the library. I think I read every book in the autobiographical section. I was hungry for knowledge and information regarding the world I lived in.

I am still hungry for that knowledge and aim to read very widely. I read my bible and study but one of my favourite christian authors and speakers Charles ( Chuck) Swindoll says It is so important to read widely regarding the world that we live in. I am currently reading his book called ‘ A Man of grace and Grit, The Apostle Paul”. Mr Swindoll so beautifully writes about the life of Paul giving a lot of historical and cultural context. It’s a beautifully written book, I am half way through it on my Kindle.

Another book I want to read this year is ” The Richard Burton Diaries”. He was a great scholar and had a great love for literate. Anyone who has never heard of Richard Burton, check him out on YouTube or Google him. He was also married to Elizabeth Taylor. His love for literature fascinates me and his diaries have been hailed as a great piece of literary work. In each of his homes he had vast libraries and would get up early in the morning to read.

I just want to encourage you as you read this to take the time to develop and stimulate your mind with reading. If you cannot afford a kindle or to buy books then join your local library and borrow books on subjects you have an interest in. If you have a kindle Amazon have a section of free downloadable books on a wide range of subjects. I have downloaded quite a few books from there.

Here are 7 benefits of reading:

1. Reading gives muscle to your memory. It is like a workout for your mind.

2. Reading keeps your brain young.

3. Reading can melt away stress.

4. Reading boosts your vocabulary.

5. Reading improves empathy as you become engrossed in the characters you read about.

6. Reading encourages your life goals.

7. Reading can brighten your day.

Happy Reading Everyone. ?


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