A legacy of Faith

As we have now entered a new year I have been looking back and pondering on the living legacy I have left behind. What have I done that has made a lasting positive impact on those around me? What living legacy of my faith is encouraging others for good.

In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul describes the legacy of Timothy’s faith that first dwelt in his grandmother Lois and then his mother Eunice. This is a generational blessing of Faith which Timothy as a young minister could draw on for his own ministry and life.

What generational blessing can we draw on for our own life and what are we passing on to our children and our children’s children. What are they seeing in us? If you have no children then what are people around you seeing in you by way of a positive influence.

Our lives are never about us but it is about giving. We breath in and out. What we breath in we may not always breath out. We breath in Oxygen but breath out carbon dioxide.

I want to encourage you dear reader to be a person who makes a conscious effort in 2015 to be living legacy of faith with each person you come into contact with. let your smile, kind words say something about who you are.

let 2015 be a year for you to be a good book who can be read by those who meet you.

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