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Month: November 2014

Restoration from Failure

” Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit” Psalms 51:12.

Restoration can be defined as

1. To give back to someone or something that was lost or taken.
2. To put or bring something back into existence or use.
3. To return something to an earlier or original condition by repairing or cleaning it.

Psalms 51:12 was part of David’s prayer to God after he slept with Bathsheba and murdered her husband. David lost the joy of his relationship with God because of it. His moral failure came between them. David’s inability to see his own wrong doing was covered by his drive to cover his failure at all costs and Psalms 51 is an expression of this.

He is asking God to bring back into existence their relationship and to restore it to it’s original state of communion.

God will never leave us in our failure if we turn to him with a repentant heart in prayer. He is quick to restore his relationship with us if we come to him with a child like faith and heart. Do not let your failure bury you, but let it propel you to seek his forgiveness and walk in the glory of restoration and love.

Poured Out Like Water

Psalms 22:14 ” I am poured out like water…….”

I am poured out like water, drip drip drip
Nothing left to give drip drip drip
My reservoir is empty drip drip drip
Poured out like water

I have given all that I can give drip drip drip
I have given my best drip drip drip
Poured out like water.

I sit in a thirsty place drip drip drip
Waiting for a cloud to pass by
Will it be gracious to me and release it precious cargo.
Will I experience the abundance of rain.

Wait, I feel something drip drip drip
The atmosphere has changed drip drip drip
God is pouring into me, rain rain rain
Pour pour pour

Poured out like water.

When Hope Fades

When hope fades night covers day,
When hope fades trees loose their leaves,
When hope fades.

When hope fades roses loose their petals,
When hope fades despair becomes your robe,
When hope fades.

When hope fades stop and ponder, ask yourself what blessing do I have today.
When hope fades begin to count your blessings,
When hope fades be thankful for each day,
When hope fades.

When hope fades, call hope back to the chambers of your heart,
When Hope fades, tell hope “I need you” to keep my dreams alive.
Speak to hope, call hope, talk to hope.
Embrace hope until it moves to faith
because your faith will move mountains.

Faith will turn the night to day
Faith will cause the tree to grow new leaves
Faith will cause the Rose to grow new petals
Faith will remove the robe of despair and give you a garment of praise.

When hope fades, wait………ponder…….turn……. look…..faith is approaching.
Joy is approaching, peace is approaching, favour is approaching.

The rewards of your faith are fast approaching.

When Hope fades.

My Heart’s Meditaions

Psalms 19:14 (KJV) ~ Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

What are you meditating on? What is it that your heart longs for and desires?

Life can cause us to meditate on so many things that hinder or propels us forward. Our hearts can secretly ask God why Lord, When Lord, How Lord or Lord I don’t understand.

The meditations of our heart are what God sees well before the words that leave our mouth.

When we meditate we ponder, we think, we chew over, as it were the things that trouble or cause concern. We can have sleepless nights over it and it may also cause our heart to ache in places where we never thought we could ache or yearn for resolution.

The word meditate in Psalms 19:14 denotes a musical notation in the hebrew, a humming sound. What is your heart humming dear heart?

We daily have to give our heart to God. We daily have to put on the breastplate of righteousness to protect this most vital organ. We daily have to meditate on what God has said to keep our heart beating to the musical note of what God has promised us in his word. What harmony of God are you meditating on dear heart?

Bring your heart into the alignment of God’s song and melody for you. He has created a symphony that only your heart can sing. No one else can hear his music for you. Allow your heart to meditate on each note, on each crescendo, on each staccato.

So dear heart as you meditate on God’s Ballard remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made and your wounded heart will gain strength as you meditate on God’s Symphony.

Pure Words

Psalms 12:6 (The amplified bible)

” The words and promises of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times over”

Recently I was reading this verse during my quiet time one morning and I was reminded about the integrity of God’s promises and word. The Word of God has integrity.

The word pure in this verse comes from the root Hebrew word ‘taher’ which means to be bright, physically sound, clear, unadulterated, un contaminated, innocent or holy.

Websters dictionary defines the word pure as:

1. Not mixed with anything else
2. Clean and not harmful in any way
3. Having a smooth and clear sound that is not contaminated with any other sound.
4. Unmixed with any other matter, free from dust, dirt, spotless and stainless.

As a result of reading these definitions, can you believe dear heart that the word of God and his promise to you can be trusted.

No matter what you are currently going through, His word can be trusted and will not return empty. At times we can be quick to believe what man
says and doubt what God says.

Meditate on his promises until your heart ignites again with the flame of hope and faith. Keep fanning the flame and let no circumstance put it out. Keep fanning until His pure words manifests and becomes your reality.

Be encouraged Dear Heart ❤️

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