The Strength to Forgive

Forgiveness is a scent that beautifies your life with a fresh fragrance. It is an act of your will that releases or propels you into a life of freedom.

Unforgiveness binds, hinders and terminates your potential and for you ladies it ages you. Unforgiveness is toxic to your emotions and releases an emotional odour around you that others can sense.

Many of us have experienced horrific situations and circumstances that would want to keep us captive in the womb of Unforgiveness. As a footnote if any one reading this is currently in a situation that is life threatening ( domestic violence) please remove yourself from that situation as soon as possible. I will be blogging about domestic violence in the future.

The Father Heart of God is one of forgiveness but we in turn have to extend that forgiveness to others. You may say ” you don’t know what they did to me, why should I forgive?” Dear heart forgiveness releases you, I will write it again, forgiveness release you and it does not excuse what they have done. Forgiveness releases the hurt back to God and frees you.

The person who hurt you is busy enjoying their life and you are walking around with the weight of the offence in your heart. Let it go, be free and move on. Unforgiveness is a trap, refuse to stay trapped any longer because your potential and creativity is being eroded.

Give forgiveness a chance, make it a constant act of love in your life because when you do, you water your own garden.

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