A Pearl Of Great Price and Value.

Matthew 13: 45~46 ( The Living Bible)
Again the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. He discovered a pearl of great value and sold everything he owned to purchase it.

Do you realise dear heart that you are a pearl of great price and value?

The pearl is formed by the constant rubbing of sand in the belly of an oyster. It is this constant agitation that forms the beauty and uniqueness of a pearl. No two pearls are the same. Each are of a different shape, size and experience.

Dear heart, life has you tossing and turning causing friction in your mind and heart. You go to bed crying and anguished at when will this pain or situation end. Beloved, a pearl is being formed in the deep recesses of your heart, the uniqueness of who Christ created you to be is being formed in you. A beautiful fragrance is being created from your spirit for those around you to enjoy.

As notes from a perfume need a carrier so the Holy Spirit will use you to carry his glory because without him we can do nothing. There is a weight of His glory that you carry and someone somewhere needs to experience, your unique fragrance.

So dear heart remember you are clay in the potters hands, be encouraged because when the wheel stops spinning you will be a vessel for HIS honour, a pearl of great price.

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