Pleasant Places

Psalms 16 verse 6 ~ “The lines are fallen onto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

We all at some point or another have played in a garden that had a path, flowers, weeds and all manner of other things. My father always owned an allotment when we were growing up. In the first home my parents owned we had a garden and my dad sectioned off parts of the garden for his chicken hut, flowers and vegetables. We knew that those areas were off limits and we could only go there if he was with us. Beyond those boundaries or lines was a pleasant place of vegetables and flowers, but we could only look at it.

There is a pleasant place that God has cultivated just for you and he has placed your name there. The lines that God has drawn have fallen on a pleasant place. The garden that you have been digging, ploughing and weeding will start to bear fruit shortly. Your weeks, months and years of toil has resulted in a good harvest, a goodly heritage. Dear heart please do not become discouraged or dishearten, keep tending your pleasant place. Keep watering the grounds, the patch where your lines have been drawn. If you have to weed some more, keep weeding. If you have to sow more seed keep sowing. If you have to water, keep watering because your harvest and goodly heritage awaits you.

A farmer keeps working his land because he knows a due season is coming and he will experience a harvest because of his labour. Remember God is not unjust to forget your labour of love, the love that your have shown towards your garden and to him.

God wants to use your Garden for his glory. A farmer never keeps the produce of his garden for himself. There is always an abundance to share with others. What are you sharing from your garden? Are you asking God for more when your garden is full of produce? Why have you not given some of it away so you can receive more or are you hoarding it in case of a perceived famine. If you want more, Give. Sow seeds of love, joy, peace etc and see the bumper harvest you will receive.

Start sowing today because your harvest is waiting for you in pleasant places.

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  1. Funmi S.

    This is such a lovely write up. Thanks for reminding us to continue to sow love and every good thing God has asked us to.

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thank you Funmi, bless you.?

  2. Weisaye Semper

    Oh what a timely message, in a timely season.
    Thank you so much. God has a marvellous way of
    letting us know what is happening when chaos and
    confusion is all around. Thank you.xxxxx

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Bless you Wesi ? God does not forget about us, even when we think he does.


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