Courage in Bonds

So often we wonder why we go through so many things or why has life been so cruel. Have you ever thought that your scars and pain would minister to someone else. That the courage you showed in the face of your own affliction would be a stepping stone of courage to someone else in the same situation.

Sharing your story or testimony can establish the faith others and encourage them to make the nessary decisions they need to move forward. You have shared your story, “Courage in bonds”.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testimony was all to familiar with this. He endured many things which he shared in the books he wrote in the New Testament. He knew that the bonds he suffered was a foundation of faith for others whom he led. Paul was able to stand and proclaim the gospel under such difficult circumstances then the hearers of his preaching  and messages could take courage from it and stand also.

Never be ashamed of what you have gone through whether it was self inflicted or it was inflicted by someone else. Your story will encourage others. It will ignIte faith in their heart. It will incite courage in the most difficult circumstances and it will bring healing to a wounded heart. Someone somewhere will be blessed by what you have to say or share.

Your have stood the test and demonstrated Courage in Bonds and Courage under Fire. During wars or conflict, those who have demonstrated the most courage are rewarded with a medal of honour. No matter what it looks like now, your honour and dignity will be restored and you will arise like the sun from the plains of darkness and shadows. You are a winner, an ambassador of courage whom the world in general may not see. But as you share,  the world of an individual will be touched and blessed by the beauty of your heart.

Continue to love, share and smile because these qualities will continue to lift your heart of courage


  1. Juliet

    These posts are beautiful short sweet nuggets of encouragement for all. Keep pouring your heart out to encourage us all. God bless you mightily. Juliet

    1. Heart of Refuge

      Thank you Juliet ?


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