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Month: October 2014

Heavy Love

Have you ever experienced a love that is so strong that it makes your heart feel full? A heavy Love.

Over the past couple of days I have been listening to Mali Music. One of his songs is called Heavy Love (check it out on you tube). I love it.

It speaks of a love between a husband and wife that is all compassing and endures under much pressure. It’s a love that lasts 10, 20, 30, 40 years. Thats a lot of love.

My parents have been married for 52 years and it have been subject to all kinds of pressures as any marriage would be for that length of time. This kind of love has to be elasticated, tested and reaffirmed. This type of love has been put through the fire of life and is worth its weight in Gold.

We always admire marriages that have so much longevity but do we really appreciate the sacrifice that each person has had to go through in order to have such longevity. Marriage goes through the fiery furnace of financial struggles, In law issues, raising a family, personal growth and a host of other challenges. Let’s not take marital longevity for granted, it’s a heavy love. It’s taking responsibility to sustain something that both parties have entered into.

If you are a married Person reading this, never take your spouse for granted. Show them that you appreciate them, learn their love language. If you are a spouse that does not show much affection then you must do something about it quickly and find ways to show that you love and care, if not you can end up starving you spouse emotionally. Appreciate their acts of kindness towards you.

A heavy love will also include telling your Inlaws no and drawing needed boundaries. Toxic in-laws can crush the heart of your spouse and cause untold damage to them and defile your Union. I will be writing a post about in-laws shortly because parents must release their children to enjoy the person they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with. When they interfere they crush the family unit of their children for selfish gain. Please release your adult son or daughter and allow them to blossom in their new relationship.

If you are courting someone with a view to marriage please begin to establish healthy boundaries with both sets of parents.

Heavy Love is a wonderful place to be but remember it comes with responsibilities.

The Strength to Forgive

Forgiveness is a scent that beautifies your life with a fresh fragrance. It is an act of your will that releases or propels you into a life of freedom.

Unforgiveness binds, hinders and terminates your potential and for you ladies it ages you. Unforgiveness is toxic to your emotions and releases an emotional odour around you that others can sense.

Many of us have experienced horrific situations and circumstances that would want to keep us captive in the womb of Unforgiveness. As a footnote if any one reading this is currently in a situation that is life threatening ( domestic violence) please remove yourself from that situation as soon as possible. I will be blogging about domestic violence in the future.

The Father Heart of God is one of forgiveness but we in turn have to extend that forgiveness to others. You may say ” you don’t know what they did to me, why should I forgive?” Dear heart forgiveness releases you, I will write it again, forgiveness release you and it does not excuse what they have done. Forgiveness releases the hurt back to God and frees you.

The person who hurt you is busy enjoying their life and you are walking around with the weight of the offence in your heart. Let it go, be free and move on. Unforgiveness is a trap, refuse to stay trapped any longer because your potential and creativity is being eroded.

Give forgiveness a chance, make it a constant act of love in your life because when you do, you water your own garden.

A Pearl Of Great Price and Value.

Matthew 13: 45~46 ( The Living Bible)
Again the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. He discovered a pearl of great value and sold everything he owned to purchase it.

Do you realise dear heart that you are a pearl of great price and value?

The pearl is formed by the constant rubbing of sand in the belly of an oyster. It is this constant agitation that forms the beauty and uniqueness of a pearl. No two pearls are the same. Each are of a different shape, size and experience.

Dear heart, life has you tossing and turning causing friction in your mind and heart. You go to bed crying and anguished at when will this pain or situation end. Beloved, a pearl is being formed in the deep recesses of your heart, the uniqueness of who Christ created you to be is being formed in you. A beautiful fragrance is being created from your spirit for those around you to enjoy.

As notes from a perfume need a carrier so the Holy Spirit will use you to carry his glory because without him we can do nothing. There is a weight of His glory that you carry and someone somewhere needs to experience, your unique fragrance.

So dear heart remember you are clay in the potters hands, be encouraged because when the wheel stops spinning you will be a vessel for HIS honour, a pearl of great price.

Pleasant Places

Psalms 16 verse 6 ~ “The lines are fallen onto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

We all at some point or another have played in a garden that had a path, flowers, weeds and all manner of other things. My father always owned an allotment when we were growing up. In the first home my parents owned we had a garden and my dad sectioned off parts of the garden for his chicken hut, flowers and vegetables. We knew that those areas were off limits and we could only go there if he was with us. Beyond those boundaries or lines was a pleasant place of vegetables and flowers, but we could only look at it.

There is a pleasant place that God has cultivated just for you and he has placed your name there. The lines that God has drawn have fallen on a pleasant place. The garden that you have been digging, ploughing and weeding will start to bear fruit shortly. Your weeks, months and years of toil has resulted in a good harvest, a goodly heritage. Dear heart please do not become discouraged or dishearten, keep tending your pleasant place. Keep watering the grounds, the patch where your lines have been drawn. If you have to weed some more, keep weeding. If you have to sow more seed keep sowing. If you have to water, keep watering because your harvest and goodly heritage awaits you.

A farmer keeps working his land because he knows a due season is coming and he will experience a harvest because of his labour. Remember God is not unjust to forget your labour of love, the love that your have shown towards your garden and to him.

God wants to use your Garden for his glory. A farmer never keeps the produce of his garden for himself. There is always an abundance to share with others. What are you sharing from your garden? Are you asking God for more when your garden is full of produce? Why have you not given some of it away so you can receive more or are you hoarding it in case of a perceived famine. If you want more, Give. Sow seeds of love, joy, peace etc and see the bumper harvest you will receive.

Start sowing today because your harvest is waiting for you in pleasant places.

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Courage in Bonds

So often we wonder why we go through so many things or why has life been so cruel. Have you ever thought that your scars and pain would minister to someone else. That the courage you showed in the face of your own affliction would be a stepping stone of courage to someone else in the same situation.

Sharing your story or testimony can establish the faith others and encourage them to make the nessary decisions they need to move forward. You have shared your story, “Courage in bonds”.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testimony was all to familiar with this. He endured many things which he shared in the books he wrote in the New Testament. He knew that the bonds he suffered was a foundation of faith for others whom he led. Paul was able to stand and proclaim the gospel under such difficult circumstances then the hearers of his preaching  and messages could take courage from it and stand also.

Never be ashamed of what you have gone through whether it was self inflicted or it was inflicted by someone else. Your story will encourage others. It will ignIte faith in their heart. It will incite courage in the most difficult circumstances and it will bring healing to a wounded heart. Someone somewhere will be blessed by what you have to say or share.

Your have stood the test and demonstrated Courage in Bonds and Courage under Fire. During wars or conflict, those who have demonstrated the most courage are rewarded with a medal of honour. No matter what it looks like now, your honour and dignity will be restored and you will arise like the sun from the plains of darkness and shadows. You are a winner, an ambassador of courage whom the world in general may not see. But as you share,  the world of an individual will be touched and blessed by the beauty of your heart.

Continue to love, share and smile because these qualities will continue to lift your heart of courage

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