Unveil Your Heart

Life can throw so many things at us that it can cause us to veil or close our heart. People hurt us, people tell lies on us, we experience the pain of broken relationships and the list goes on and on.

When we close our heart we lock in the pain and lock out healing, restoration and love. The thing that we want is on the outside and the thing we do not want is inside of us. A switch needs to take place.

Unveiling your heart can be a difficult thing because you become afraid of getting hurt again or trusting again. But we have to take that step so that the pain in our heart does not lead to an emotional infection and damage every relationship we have.

I had trouble unveiling my heart to anyone. I was too afraid to release what was inside even though it was infecting me. I went to church and said and did all the right things but my heart was still hurting. Church is a good place to hide, just smile and say “Praise The Lord” or you go to work and pretend that your whole life is great. How many of us do this? I know it’s not just me. How many of us can be honest with ourself and just say I am tired of pretending, I just want to unveil my heart.

Having an outlet to release your pain is important. Beside your personal devotion or prayer time, Do you have a trusted friend that you can start the unveiling process with? Have you considered counselling? The pain you carry in your heart can hinder you from becoming all that God wants you to be because the plans that he has for you are good ones and the love he has for you is beautiful. Do not let your past rob you of a bright future. You do not have to pretend anymore. Seek help and support and let go.

There is so much beauty in you but the world cannot see it because it is hidden behind your pain. Your beauty has been eclipsed. You have a God given gift that the world needs. Your smile is needed, your touch is needed, your encouragements are needed, your friendship is needed, your love is needed. Do not deny the world of your gift, we need it, we need you!

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