My Brother’s Laughter

My brother was so funny he made me laugh so much with his crazy singing and corny jokes. Hilarious! He use to call me on the phone just to make me laugh and I miss that so much.

Sadly he died on 6th November 2012 aged 46 years old. When My younger brother called me and told me the news it felt like I was hit by a lorry and beat up by Mike Tyson all at once. The pain of my heart was excruciating and I felt numb. It was a numbness that I cannot describe.

One of the many things that helped to sooth my broken heart was the laughter we always shared. He use to beg me to stop reminding him of our childhood escapades as he was literally crying down the phone with laughter.

One of the last things we did together was pray and sing the hymn ” Abide with me”. I prayed for him and as I was praying I heard him crying down the phone. When I finished he said that my prayer was so beautiful.

Rest in peace my David and thank you for the laughter. Xx

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