Withered Hearts

During a time of personal devotion I was reading Matthew 12:9-13 from the bible. Its the story of a man with a withered (deformed) hand. This man sat in the temple whilst Jesus was teaching and Jesus called him forward to bring healing to him. This took place in the midst of Pharisees who dared Jesus to heal him. After a few choice words to the Pharisees Jesus brought restoration to the man’s hand.

On further study some historians believed that this man’s trade was that of a plasterer or bricklayer and his hand became damaged as a result of his work. I believe that his inability to work was not the only thing that was affected, but his self esteem as a provider for his family had withered, his relationship with his wife may have been affected and how would his friends and the local community had viewed him?

I have been in situations where life circumstances and situations caused the dreams of my heart to become withered. It affected my self esteem so badly that I just wanted to give up. People pointed their finger at me and laughed and told so many lies on me that I had to wonder if it was really me they were talking about. It was a crushing experience that caused me to recoil and hide in the cocoon I had made for myself. My heart became withered.

However in my cocoon God kept sending me people who watered my hurting heart. He used them to touch me and show me his love. I very slowly came out of the cocoon and had gathered enough strength to give my withered heart to Jesus. The man in temple might have viewed Jesus as his last hope and chance for healing and in front of everyone extended his disfigurement to Jesus and in taking that step of faith he experienced healing and restoration. I too took a step of faith and lifted my disfigurement to Jesus and I have experienced healing and restoration for my withered heart.

My journey may not be your journey but take a step my friend, kneel down and pray or find someone who you can trust with your bruised heart. Some people may want you to keep your disfigurement hidden because it suits them or you may feel that it is too shameful to bring to light. This man in the temple took a step of faith and that step lead him to his miracle. Dear reader take a step of faith and allow your withered heart to gain strength and begin to beat again to the beautiful music of life.



Lord, I pray for the person reading this blog. Touch their withered heart, minister to the pain they may be feeling at this moment. Bring healing to them and give them the strength and understanding to know that they are loved and appreciated. Ignite the passion and dreams that they have in their heart. Embrace them in your love. Amen


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