Practise Kindness in 2023

I have always appreciated acts of kindness towards myself, and I genuinely appreciate people who demonstrate acts of kindness towards others. It just does something to my heart.  Sadly kindness is a quality that is lacking in today’s world. Kindness… (READ MORE)

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March ~ The Month of Hope

 I can not believe that we are already in the month of March and about the enter the season of spring. With spring comes hope, as we leave the dark winter nights behind. To celebrate this month I want to… (READ MORE)


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My You Version Bible App Devotionals

I absolutely love bible devotionals via the You Version Bible app. It enables me to have a great start with God’s word at the beginning of each day. Below I am sharing eleven devotionals that I have completed from the… (READ MORE)

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Bible Studies ~ August 2020

As part of my mission, I have decided to share with you the bible topics and books I will be going through on a monthly basis. It’s really important to encourage each other in the Christian faith so I hope… (READ MORE)

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Lockdown Times – How Are You Doing?

  How are you doing? Honestly, I never thought that in my lifetime, I would ever experience living with a global pandemic. It is a unique and painful experience. Painful in the fact that so many people globally have lost… (READ MORE)

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