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Taking Back Who You Are!

During periods of life you can give ourself away in the belief that the person you give yourself to will not take you for granted. When you give the best of yourself to someone and you have not taken the… (READ MORE)

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Why I Became a Life Coach!

Life coaching is something I have been doing for many years with out realizing that I was actually doing it. I love the challenge of motivating and coaching someone to see that best in themselves and for them to run… (READ MORE)

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Book Review: “Everything” by Janine Cummings

I belong to an awesome Facebook woman’s book club called “Women Aspiring for More” led by Tammy Donaldson.  We recently read and reviewed a book called “Everything” by Janine Cummings. This book shares the painful journey of Janine losing the… (READ MORE)

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What is a Friend? (Story time! )

When I was younger I found it so difficult to make friend as I was painfully shy and I had a stutter. Some of the people I hung around with use to laugh at me and one person in particular… (READ MORE)

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Learning to love you = Managing your time

We all live very busy lives that makes time management a real challenge. However time management is needed so we can keep our life in some sort of order. Our time is precious and we often give it away too… (READ MORE)

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October DV awareness month ~ Testimony from a Christian Domestic Abuse Survivor

  October is Domestic Violence awareness month. so this week I will be sharing two stories from Christian women who have lived through this awful experience. Today’s  blog post is from a Christian woman  I reached out to  and she… (READ MORE)

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Order My New Ebook called “Cut The Apron Strings”

Hi Everyone, I am so excited to share with you that my first Ebook is now available for pre order. It has been a vision that I have had for over twenty years and I am so greatful to God… (READ MORE)

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God’s Best Kept Secret ~ Being a Military Wife by Maxine Reyes

 The difference between a non-military wife and a military wife is the challenges that we face when it comes to separation from our husbands, knowing that separation is inevitable. Being a dual military wife is even more challenging because… (READ MORE)

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From the Heart of a Man – Ashley Taylor

Living every day, looking into a mirror”  It took me a while to sit down and write this blog, I guess because the topic is quite personal and sensitive. If there are two things in my life that I treasure… (READ MORE)

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