Each of us go through dry areas in our lives that cause our soul and spirt to become parched. That Job that seemed exciting is now troublesome. The relationship that we once yearned for has lost it’s excitement and passion. Life never brings the fulfilment we often expect. 

People believe once I can become rich all my issues will be solved, no more worries. Some Rich people will tell you that their problems started when they became rich. Single people will say if I could fine Mr Right and get married and settle down then my life will be complete. Some married people may tell you that they felt more alone and unfulfilled married than single. Life has many dichotomies.

In Life it is so important to stay close to your oasis. All hell can be breaking loose on the outside but within you is a source that holds you firm and centred. For many people it can be different things but for me it is my Christian faith.

I pray that any challenging situation your are going through, that in it or through it you will find peace.