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God’s Best Kept Secret!


There are so many people who have gifts and talents that lay dormant in there spirit. Gifts and talents that the world is waiting to be blessed by. That’s why I called my guest blogging feature “God’s Best Kept Secret”  (click onto the page God’s best kept secret, at the top of my blog for more information)

These people go to work, look after their families, go to school and basically live their lives. But there is a creative part in them, that is a true expression of whose God created them to be. Be it singing, writing, painting, sewing whatever, that creativity needs to be shared with the world

What is your gift? What is that creative part of you? Are you hiding it because of fear of what people will say? Are you worried that if you share it people may not like it and reject you? Listen if people reject your gift they are rejecting the person who gave you that gift.

Do not be afraid to shine in your sphere of influence. Matthew 5:15 ~ 16 says

” Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candle stick; and it giveth  light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.”

Are you hiding your light in a secret place? Is it just you enjoying your gift? Remember your gift is to bring light to others so it can iluminate the dark areas of their lives. Jesus came and shared His light so we can have abundant life and light and He expects us to do the same.

So dear heart dust off your candle stick and prepare to shine because you are one of God’s best kept secret.


Come out of the Shadows…. Walk into the light

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
Refuse to hide in the dark

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
let’s see the beauty of your heart

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
Take a Step…….Take a step ……..Take a step

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
The world needs the gifts in your heart

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
Don’t be afraid take a step and impart

Come out of the shadows Walk into the light
Don’t hide take a step …….Take A Step ………TAKE A STEP.

A Beautiful Gift…

We are created as beautiful gifts born into the world to bless people with what we have in our hearts. We all come into this world with something precious, something unique, something to share.

The forces of life and our daily experiences can nurture or hide that gift. Life can be an ugly box.

Our world is also filled with hurt and pain. Some of it self inflicted and some of it inflicted by others. At times our world can be an ugly box in which we, a beautiful gift, lives.

Someone some where is waiting for you to shine the light that you carry in your heart. You are a light bearer in a darken world.

I had the pleasure of sharing with a beautiful woman this week. She could not see her own beauty because life had dealt her so many painful cards. But you know what, she is taking those same cards and turning them around for good and using them as a testimony to shine the light that Jesus has placed in her heart. She is realising that she is fearfully and wonderfully made and that she is a princess. Do YOU realise that you are a princess?

Ladies carry yourself with dignity and elegance. Start with lady like steps everyday. Speak words of kindness to yourself and not what other say about you. Speak positive affirmations. What does the bible say about who God created you to be? Very soon you will walk in the beauty of those words.

If you have to cut off unfruitful relationships then do so. Ask God to bless you with new friends that will cause you to grow, develop and mature into the beautiful rose that you are.

Don’t stop, keep taking those steps because each step, each day will progressively unveil the beautiful gift that you are in an ugly box. Don’t let the ugly things of life that you face block the light and gift that you were born to share…….. Remember someone is waiting to receive it.

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