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Life’s Unanswered Questions¬†


I was reading my daily devotional by Joyce Meyer a few days ago and she was sharing on life’s unanswered questions. 

I am sure each person has a series of unanswered questions about their life or situations. Why did I have to go through that pain? I thought that person was my friend? I trusted that person why did they turn around and betray me? The list goes on.

I have a series of unanswered questions about a situation I faced over many years and I still have no answers and maybe I will never get an answer. But what I have done is taken the lessons I have learnt through it and used it for good to better myself and encourage others. I have refused to allow it to cast a shadow over who God created me to be or on my journey to living a great life. Yes I have been asking God questions about it but after sometime time I stopped asking because it was eroding my life journey and I was becoming bitter. I have one life to live and I intend to enjoy it.

What unanswered questions do you have? Is the situation still casting a shadow over your life? What steps are you planning to take to let it go and move on? I am not judging anyone here I just want to encourage you to change the path of your life by choosing to be happy and to not allow what happened to you to chain you to a painful past.

Choose today dear heart to let the questions go and start living! 

Letting Your Adult Children Go. 


Each day I look at my children and observe how they are sorting out their lives to make a positive contribution to society. I think on the fact that it was only the other day I gave birth to them and they are both now in their mid twenties. When I look at them I see them as gifts from heaven, that have been entrusted to me. 

I tell them that I am proud of how they are living their life and that I pray for them each day that they would walk in wisdom and make the right Godly choices that would in turn bless their own children. 

When my children began to reach a certain age I began to release them. The boundaries that I had placed around them from a young age have been gradually removed until there are now no more boundaries. Why? Because as parents we have a responsibility to release our children to live their lives and trust what we have imparted into them will keep them and assist them in making their own decisions. They still come to us for advice on things but once we give that advice we let them know that the decision they take is their responsibility.

Some parents get stuck when it is time to release their children. They make their children dependent on them and use emotional blackmail to keep them bound to them. Parents please note this is not godly and you actually offend God when you do this. God created us with a free will to make choices, so what right do you have to take away that right to choose from you adult children. You are actually crippling them in their heart and emotions. let them go, they are gifts of God to you, now release them back to God through prayer. Let them be whom God created them to be. When you think of your relationships with your parents and if they tried to control you how did it make you feel? I am sure you remember.

Release them, let them enjoy life. let them know you are praying for them on a daily basis. let them know you love them and that you are there if they need to talk or need advice on something. Please do not abuse the parental rights God gave you because if you do you become a stumbling block in your children’s life and the destiny they have in their heart.

I am writing quite strong here because I know of so many people whose perants have not released them to enjoy life and it is painful to see. As the adult child,you are responsible for your life now and you have to take the painful steps to move away and start living your life. Emotional blackmail from your parents will harm you in the long run and may damage your future relationships.

We are by no means perfect parents but we are prayerfully seeking to do the right things for our adult children. parents let your children be whom God has created them to be. Release them into their destiny with love and prayer.


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