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When you said………. My Heart Said.

Psalms 27:8 ~ When you said ” Seek My Face” My heart said to you, “Your Face Lord, I will seek ”

How many times in life has someone said something to you and your mouth answers but your heart says something else. Our heart contradicts our mouth, working in opposition. Our mouths profess’ but our hearts believe.

Dallas Willard said ” You can live opposite to what you profess, but you can’t live opposite to what you believe”. our heart holds the key to who we truly are.

In the realm of the spirit our heart speaks louder than our words. Our heart can be breaking with emotional pain, grief, heartache, rejection or anger and we have a big smile on our face, but after a while the pain can no longer be hidden and will spill over in our everyday life and actions.

So when God says he speaks to us he is speaking to our heart. What was the last thing he said to you and what did your heart say? If he asked you to forgive someone, your lips may have said yes but what did your heart say? If he asked you to bless someone with an act of kindness, your lips may have said yes, but what did your heart say? he may have asked you to apologise to someone, your lips may have said yes but what did your heart say?

Dear Heart, it is time for our lips to align with our heat. Don’t betray your hearts desire with wrong words.

The Alabaster Box

Matthew 26:6-13         John 12:1-8

Dear Heart,

What is it that is so precious to you that you have had to sacrifice? Sacrifice is relative and what’s a sacrifice to one person may not be to another. The above passages from the bible tells of a woman who sacrificed something that cost her a years’ salary. The bible describes it as a very precious ointment that she used to anoint the head of Jesus. The disciples were very angry about the way she used the ointment and that it was a waste because it should have been sold and the proceeds used to feed the poor. Dear heart, whatever  you do for the sake of the Kingdom can never be wasted and you can never be disadvantaged.

The woman did something that remained with Jesus through his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, his arrest, his trial, crucifixion and death. Little did she know that this sacrificial act would make its way into the bible and prepare Jesus for the suffering he would encounter. Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 26:13 that wherever the gospel is preached this selfless act would be remembered as memorial.

Whatever dear heart you have sacrified for family, ministry,  job, whatever…… you will not and can never be disadvantaged. Why you may ask because you will reap what you sow ( Genesis 8:22) If you have sown love, sacrifice, faith then expect to reap the same. Whatsoever a man soweth, the same shall he also reap. You can not sow apples and reap oranges. Ensure dear heart whatever alabaster box you break to release the inner perfume, ensure it comes from a pure heart.  A heart that touches the throne of God, a heart that is free from bitterness, hatred, strife, anger and all other negative emotions because these thorns destroy the garden of your heart.

Don’t allow anyone to turn the beauty of heart from a cultivated garden to a thorn filled garden with no room for growth or beauty. It’s not worth it dear heart, let it go, let it go,  let it go…….. Forgiveness is a choice, choose life and live……..

Let us pray,

Dear Father I thank you for the precious person. I pray that whatever pain they are carrying in their heart that you will bring healing to their heart. Your word states that there is a balm in Gilead and you Jesus is that balm. Touch this precious reader, heal their hurting heart. Amen

Healing Hands, Healing Heart

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