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Communicating forgiveness to Yourself and Others. Part 3

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Scriptures: Matthew 6:12-15    Mark 11:25

Communicating forgiveness to yourself and others is vital for you to be able to embrace your future. Prayerfully consider the following three points as you take this important journey.

  1. Let people into your life. If you need to ask for help to help you forgive yourself and other then look for it. A few years ago I had to get that help as I could not forgive myself for things that had taken place in my past. I thank God that I did, because it untied the invisible chains of guilt and shame and released me into my God given future.
  2. Write forgiveness letters. In the past I have prayerfully written a list of people that I need to forgive. The list was so long I was embarrassed!!! Try it and then take the list to God in prayer and give each person to him and ask him to help you release them from you heart. Remember forgiveness is between you and God!
  3. Ask for forgiveness from others.  If you feel that you have wronged someone ask them to forgive you. It can help to resolve issues and free you in the process.

My prayer for you is that as you take each of these steps that you will truly experience the freedom self forgiveness and forgiving others brings.

When you said………. My Heart Said.

Psalms 27:8 ~ When you said ” Seek My Face” My heart said to you, “Your Face Lord, I will seek ”

How many times in life has someone said something to you and your mouth answers but your heart says something else. Our heart contradicts our mouth, working in opposition. Our mouths profess’ but our hearts believe.

Dallas Willard said ” You can live opposite to what you profess, but you can’t live opposite to what you believe”. our heart holds the key to who we truly are.

In the realm of the spirit our heart speaks louder than our words. Our heart can be breaking with emotional pain, grief, heartache, rejection or anger and we have a big smile on our face, but after a while the pain can no longer be hidden and will spill over in our everyday life and actions.

So when God says he speaks to us he is speaking to our heart. What was the last thing he said to you and what did your heart say? If he asked you to forgive someone, your lips may have said yes but what did your heart say? If he asked you to bless someone with an act of kindness, your lips may have said yes, but what did your heart say? he may have asked you to apologise to someone, your lips may have said yes but what did your heart say?

Dear Heart, it is time for our lips to align with our heat. Don’t betray your hearts desire with wrong words.

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