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An Overview of the Book

The words of this book have been on my heart for a number of years. The heart of a successful family starts with the parents long before the children come on the scene. What kind of home were the parents raised in? What were the family dynamics? How did mum and dad relate to each other? The questions could go on and on but the answers have a direct impact on the way these parents raise their own children.

My desire is that this book will challenge you to firstly prayerfully consider the way you were raised by your parents and what negative and positive ways you have brought into the way you have raised or you intend to raise your children in the future. No parent is perfect and we all have wounds of some kind but I want you to know that God the father is a perfect parent and he is willing to come along side you to clean up any mistakes you have made with your children and to help you to heal from any parental wounds that you may have received from your own parents. God wants to heal you so that he can use you to bring healing to your own family and others.