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Lockdown Times – How Are You Doing?

  How are you doing? Honestly, I never thought that in my lifetime, I would ever experience living with a global pandemic. It is a unique and painful experience. Painful in the fact that so many people globally have lost… (READ MORE)

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What is a Friend? (Story time! )

When I was younger I found it so difficult to make friend as I was painfully shy and I had a stutter. Some of the people I hung around with use to laugh at me and one person in particular… (READ MORE)

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Black Lives Matter V All Lives Matter

  My heart has been hurt by the killings of African-amercian men in the United states by the police. It is heart breaking to watch these events play out on my tv screen in London. After the news outlets move on to… (READ MORE)

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The President of the United States of America – The Pressures

Living in London and observing what is currently going on in The United States has made me consider what it  must be really like being the President. The daily pressure and extreme scrutiny from media outlets and social media must… (READ MORE)

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