God’s Best Kept Secret ~ Lorraine Spence

I have often heard it said “I am not called to prayer” well I would like to challenge that comment as I don’t know where that comes from or what would make any believer even believe such a ridiculous theory…. (READ MORE)

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Do you have idols in your Heart?

  Ezekiel 14:4-5       Colossians 3:5     Isaiah 44:9-20     Leviticus 4:19         Psalms 16:4  As Christians it is so important for us to do consistent heart checks on our selves so that we do not allow idols to form in our heart. An… (READ MORE)

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The President of the United States of America – The Pressures

Living in London and observing what is currently going on in The United States has made me consider what it  must be really like being the President. The daily pressure and extreme scrutiny from media outlets and social media must… (READ MORE)

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Sow in Tears Reap in Joy

Nearly all of us at one time or another have shed tears about situations or people close to our heart. Our tears are a reflection from the overflow of pain. Pslams 126:5 says “They that sow in tears shall reap… (READ MORE)

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