God’s Best Kept Secret ~ Duana Cooper

Thanks for having me on your blog. As a young stay at home mother of three beautiful children, I have to make time for everything thing I do especially time for myself. After spending my day catering to my children,… (READ MORE)

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From the Heart of a Man – Ashley Taylor

Living every day, looking into a mirror”  It took me a while to sit down and write this blog, I guess because the topic is quite personal and sensitive. If there are two things in my life that I treasure… (READ MORE)

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From The Heart of a Man – Micheal Smith

A Man of Faith by Micheal Smith Whatever we as men do in our lives, we have an underlying desire to be great in the eyes of our family. We strive to prove that we are the provider, defender and ruler… (READ MORE)

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The Generational Gap

The other day I was sharing with someone about the generational gap. Our young people are experiencing things that we never experienced or had to go through. They are exposed to a lot more sex, drugs and so many other… (READ MORE)

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Your In-Laws Need Boundaries

I was ministering somewhere a few days ago and the issue of interfering inlaws came up. It is really really important that we know and understand that they cannot dictate the relationships their children have with their spouses. Those of… (READ MORE)

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