Book Review: “Everything” by Janine Cummings

I belong to an awesome Facebook woman’s book club called “Women Aspiring for More” led by Tammy Donaldson.  We recently read and reviewed a book called “Everything” by Janine Cummings. This book shares the painful journey of Janine losing the… (READ MORE)

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God’s Grace is Tailored Made For You

My mother learnt to sew in her mid teens during the early 1950’s in Jamaica. Mummy can sew. She can take a piece of fabric and turn it in anything. She is a master seamstress. My mother can take an… (READ MORE)

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From The Heart of a Man ~ Kenneth Reyes

  Nothing in life carries more gravity than being a good father and husband. Serving in the military adds a level of complexity that most families do not have to deal with. Most civilians are unaware of the lawful demand… (READ MORE)

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From The Heart of a Man – Micheal Smith

A Man of Faith by Micheal Smith Whatever we as men do in our lives, we have an underlying desire to be great in the eyes of our family. We strive to prove that we are the provider, defender and ruler… (READ MORE)

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God wants you to Win 

Psalms 119 is the longest Psalm in the bible. Its theme is that God’s word is authorative, reliable and powerful. It shows us the integrity of His word. I once did a daily bible reading plan of the whole book… (READ MORE)

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