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Living a Vibrant Life in 2017~Identify Blessings Daily

Each day that we wake up in the morning is a blessing. It is an opportunity to express gratitude to the one who created us and it also gives you a chance to commit your day to God in prayer. Before you go to bed identify another blessing that you can be grateful for from your busy day.

I have come to realize that it is important to identify at least one blessing in everyday, even if I have had a bad day there is always at least one thing good I can be thankful for.

Being grateful daily will build a positive stronghold in your life and it will eventually change the way you see your life and the lives of those around you. So start today and begin to identify daily blessings, try it for the next 21 days and see how your life and attitude changes.

There is a lot of negativity in the world so join me in changing our immediate world one daily blessing at a time.

God’s Grace is Tailored Made For You

image from pixabay.com

image from pixabay.com

My mother learnt to sew in her mid teens during the early 1950’s in Jamaica. Mummy can sew. She can take a piece of fabric and turn it in anything. She is a master seamstress.

My mother can take an outfit that is made for a size 14 and tailor it so  someone who is a size 10 can wear it. She made all of our clothes growing up, its her therapy.  When she needed quiet time or to relax she would retreat with her patterns, thread, fabric and sewing machine.

Thinking about her made me think of God’s grace. It is tailor made for you and it is tailor made for me. A perfect fit for my heart!

Let’s take a look at a couple of verses that talk of God’s grace:

Hebrews 4:16 ~ Did you know that grace has a throne, a place where you can go and receive? You can go there and find help in the time of need.

Ephesians 2:6-8 ~ God’s grace has exceeding riches and it is His gift to me.

God’s grace is rich and it is a gift for you to receive and wear. It’s a beautiful garment. I dare you to try it on because it will be a perfect fit!

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The Gift

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-esteemimage from pixabay

When are you going to start believing, acknowledging, using and releasing the gifts that God placed inside of you? To continue to bury or deny these gifts is to deny and bury  the uniqueness God placed inside of you.

Psalms 34:4-6 shares how David sought the Lord and the Lord heard him and delivered him from all his fears. If your fears, lack of confidence and low self-esteem is keeping you from cultivating your gifts then you need to cry out in prayer as David did and ask God to deliver you from your fears. God can and will deliver you from your insecurities and fears if you ask him.

Your gifts are necessary, the people you need to touch are waiting, the holy spirit of God is waiting. When are you going to release the gift?

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God wants you to Win 

Psalms 119 is the longest Psalm in the bible. Its theme is that God’s word is authorative, reliable and powerful. It shows us the integrity of His word.

I once did a daily bible reading plan of the whole book of Psalms and I found it to be an invaluable source of encouragement and spiritual strength.

One thing I learnt from this Psalm is that God wants me to win.  When you feel like falling he will hold you up and keep you lifted. The bible talks about a great cloud of witness’ that are watching and waiting for you to cross the finishing line and enter what the father has for you.

This amazing chapter will show you the authority of God’s word has in your life, its reliability in your life and the power it brings to your life.

No one wants you to win more than father God and he will prove it to you as you read Psalms 119. Allow his precepts, commandments and statutes to be your guide to live a successful and victories life.

My challenge to you today is to take 15-20mins to read this precious Psalms. Trust me you will be blessed!



A Heartfelt Thank You

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This post is just to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you who read, comment or subscribe to my blog. I am so grateful to Father God for giving me the opportunity to share His words of encouragement with you.

Also from this Thursday each week  I will be posting weekly devotionals called Jenny Allen Secret Place. I had a separate blog for it but I decided to consolidate and put it on this blog under a separate category.

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Once again Thank You and may Father God continue to bless you a thousand times more.

A legacy of Faith

As we have now entered a new year I have been looking back and pondering on the living legacy I have left behind. What have I done that has made a lasting positive impact on those around me? What living legacy of my faith is encouraging others for good.

In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul describes the legacy of Timothy’s faith that first dwelt in his grandmother Lois and then his mother Eunice. This is a generational blessing of Faith which Timothy as a young minister could draw on for his own ministry and life.

What generational blessing can we draw on for our own life and what are we passing on to our children and our children’s children. What are they seeing in us? If you have no children then what are people around you seeing in you by way of a positive influence.

Our lives are never about us but it is about giving. We breath in and out. What we breath in we may not always breath out. We breath in Oxygen but breath out carbon dioxide.

I want to encourage you dear reader to be a person who makes a conscious effort in 2015 to be living legacy of faith with each person you come into contact with. let your smile, kind words say something about who you are.

let 2015 be a year for you to be a good book who can be read by those who meet you.

Pleasant Places

Psalms 16 verse 6 ~ “The lines are fallen onto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

We all at some point or another have played in a garden that had a path, flowers, weeds and all manner of other things. My father always owned an allotment when we were growing up. In the first home my parents owned we had a garden and my dad sectioned off parts of the garden for his chicken hut, flowers and vegetables. We knew that those areas were off limits and we could only go there if he was with us. Beyond those boundaries or lines was a pleasant place of vegetables and flowers, but we could only look at it.

There is a pleasant place that God has cultivated just for you and he has placed your name there. The lines that God has drawn have fallen on a pleasant place. The garden that you have been digging, ploughing and weeding will start to bear fruit shortly. Your weeks, months and years of toil has resulted in a good harvest, a goodly heritage. Dear heart please do not become discouraged or dishearten, keep tending your pleasant place. Keep watering the grounds, the patch where your lines have been drawn. If you have to weed some more, keep weeding. If you have to sow more seed keep sowing. If you have to water, keep watering because your harvest and goodly heritage awaits you.

A farmer keeps working his land because he knows a due season is coming and he will experience a harvest because of his labour. Remember God is not unjust to forget your labour of love, the love that your have shown towards your garden and to him.

God wants to use your Garden for his glory. A farmer never keeps the produce of his garden for himself. There is always an abundance to share with others. What are you sharing from your garden? Are you asking God for more when your garden is full of produce? Why have you not given some of it away so you can receive more or are you hoarding it in case of a perceived famine. If you want more, Give. Sow seeds of love, joy, peace etc and see the bumper harvest you will receive.

Start sowing today because your harvest is waiting for you in pleasant places.

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Courage in Bonds

So often we wonder why we go through so many things or why has life been so cruel. Have you ever thought that your scars and pain would minister to someone else. That the courage you showed in the face of your own affliction would be a stepping stone of courage to someone else in the same situation.

Sharing your story or testimony can establish the faith others and encourage them to make the nessary decisions they need to move forward. You have shared your story, “Courage in bonds”.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testimony was all to familiar with this. He endured many things which he shared in the books he wrote in the New Testament. He knew that the bonds he suffered was a foundation of faith for others whom he led. Paul was able to stand and proclaim the gospel under such difficult circumstances then the hearers of his preaching  and messages could take courage from it and stand also.

Never be ashamed of what you have gone through whether it was self inflicted or it was inflicted by someone else. Your story will encourage others. It will ignIte faith in their heart. It will incite courage in the most difficult circumstances and it will bring healing to a wounded heart. Someone somewhere will be blessed by what you have to say or share.

Your have stood the test and demonstrated Courage in Bonds and Courage under Fire. During wars or conflict, those who have demonstrated the most courage are rewarded with a medal of honour. No matter what it looks like now, your honour and dignity will be restored and you will arise like the sun from the plains of darkness and shadows. You are a winner, an ambassador of courage whom the world in general may not see. But as you share,  the world of an individual will be touched and blessed by the beauty of your heart.

Continue to love, share and smile because these qualities will continue to lift your heart of courage

A Beautiful Gift…

We are created as beautiful gifts born into the world to bless people with what we have in our hearts. We all come into this world with something precious, something unique, something to share.

The forces of life and our daily experiences can nurture or hide that gift. Life can be an ugly box.

Our world is also filled with hurt and pain. Some of it self inflicted and some of it inflicted by others. At times our world can be an ugly box in which we, a beautiful gift, lives.

Someone some where is waiting for you to shine the light that you carry in your heart. You are a light bearer in a darken world.

I had the pleasure of sharing with a beautiful woman this week. She could not see her own beauty because life had dealt her so many painful cards. But you know what, she is taking those same cards and turning them around for good and using them as a testimony to shine the light that Jesus has placed in her heart. She is realising that she is fearfully and wonderfully made and that she is a princess. Do YOU realise that you are a princess?

Ladies carry yourself with dignity and elegance. Start with lady like steps everyday. Speak words of kindness to yourself and not what other say about you. Speak positive affirmations. What does the bible say about who God created you to be? Very soon you will walk in the beauty of those words.

If you have to cut off unfruitful relationships then do so. Ask God to bless you with new friends that will cause you to grow, develop and mature into the beautiful rose that you are.

Don’t stop, keep taking those steps because each step, each day will progressively unveil the beautiful gift that you are in an ugly box. Don’t let the ugly things of life that you face block the light and gift that you were born to share…….. Remember someone is waiting to receive it.

Acts of Kindness

God is not unjust to forget your labour of love that you have shown towards those in need of it. For every kind word, gesture or seed sown there is a reward.

These acts of kindness that we give, a smile, a thank you it all goes a long way for someone who is thirsty to receive it.

The days, months and years of kindness that Ruth showed Naomi culminated in an impressive harvest from God. Boaz was fully aware of her sacrifices, acts of service and love. Her act of consistent faith and giving moved Boaz to pronounce a blessing on her. He said to her that The Lord would recompense her sacrifice and reward her for her labour.

In today’s world an act of kindness is seen as strange, something that was common place in years gone by. I challenge you today to build a beautiful memorial for your future by doing acts of kindness, starting today.

If you are unsure where to start here are a few ideas:

* Smile.

* Say thank you by sending a thank you card, an email or tweet.

* Volunteer your time in a local primary school or charity.

* Give up your seat on the bus or train to an elderly person, a pregnant
Woman or a person with a disability.

* Take a minute to direct someone who appears to be lost.

* Buy a homeless person something to eat.

* Say “I love you” to someone you love.

* Say you are sorry when you are wrong.

There is so much negative in our world lets form a habit of kindness one act at a time.

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