Taking Back Who You Are!

During periods of life you can give ourself away in the belief that the person you give yourself to will not take you for granted. When you give the best of yourself to someone and you have not taken the… (READ MORE)

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Flaws, Failures and Weaknesses have a Purpose

Everyone has flaws and weaknesses of some kind and everyone has failed at something. No one is perfect. Do you realise that they have a purpose? Let me share three things that will show you their value with you. Your… (READ MORE)

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God wants you to Win 

Psalms 119 is the longest Psalm in the bible. Its theme is that God’s word is authorative, reliable and powerful. It shows us the integrity of His word. I once did a daily bible reading plan of the whole book… (READ MORE)

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How to Forgive Yourself ~ Letting Go of the Past Part 2 

Letting Go of your Past is a key step to walking in self forgiveness. Here are a few key points to consider if you are struggling in this area. Realise that you are not  perfect. Do not dwell on past mistakes…. (READ MORE)

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Communicating forgiveness to Yourself and Others. Part 3

Scriptures: Matthew 6:12-15    Mark 11:25 Communicating forgiveness to yourself and others is vital for you to be able to embrace your future. Prayerfully consider the following three points as you take this important journey. Let people into your life. If… (READ MORE)

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The Act of Forgiveness by Monica Ambersley

  What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is an act of strength. Strength that enable you to move on from that situation or person; not tied to resentment and anger which can turn into bitterness. Why hold on to resentment for that… (READ MORE)

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How to forgive yourself ~ Practising self forgiveness. Part 1

Forgiving someone for the wrongs they have do to us can be challenging but forgiving ourselves can be a greater challenge. The bible talks about the importance of forgiveness in Matthew 6:14-15 and Mark 11:25. Here are 4 reasons why it… (READ MORE)

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