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Dear Father God Prayers – A Prayer for Hurting Mothers

Image: African American Art Print by ” A woman’s work” By Kevin Williams

Dear Father God,

I just want to lift up to you every mother that is hurting right now. Father you know the pain and burdens she carries for her children, Lord you see the falling tears and the muffled cries at night in her pillow. You see the sadness behind that smile, Father you see her heart. As she cries out to you on behalf of her children, answer the cry of her heart.

Any child who has an addiction set them free through her prayers Lord, those who are in gangs,  fulfil those children’s need to belong. Whatever needs your hurting daughters are lifting up to you on behalf of their children answer their prayer.

Father, I lift up the tears and prayers of these mothers to you as they intercede, fast and warfare over their children. Father your word says that the children you have given them are for signs and wonders, Father you said that children will be a fruitful vine around the homes of their parents. Restore and repair the mother child relationship bring healing as only you can do.

Lord I lift up any mother reading this prayer who is bereaving the loss of her child. Father only you know how to comfort her in this difficult time and you Lord are the God of all comfort.

Father I lift up to you any mother that is feeling guilty about her motherhood. Lord help her to forgive and release herself from that burden. Minister to her in a very unique way, let her know that she is released and forgiven in Jesus name Amen.

Dear Father God Letters ~ A prayer for the person contemplating suicide.


Dear Father God, 

I lift up to you the hearts of those contemplating  suicide at this moment. Lord where they have given up on life divinely show them that they have everything to live for. Where they feel rejected, betrayed and hurt show them the power of forgiveness and the awesome love that you have for them.

Father, where they feel that there life is backed up against the wall and there is no way out, divinely show them a way out. I pray father that you would divinely overshadow them with your love as you overshadowed Mary the mother of Jesus. Ignite their broken heart with hope, faith and trust in you.

Where the enemy has lied to them about their situation I pray father that you would superimpose that lie with the truth and beauty of who they are in you and that they have everything to live for.

Make a way for them Father where there appears to be no way, intervene in their situation in a supernatural way and give them a testimony. Ignite their heart with something to live for and show them father that taking their own life is not the answer.

I release ministering angel to them to comfort and strengthen during this time of need.

In Jesus Name. Amen

Dear Father God Letters ~ A Prayer for Domestic Violence Victims 

Dear Father God,

I just pray and lift up to you any victims of domestic violence who are reading this prayer. Lord you know the shame and guilt that they feel. How hurt and stripped they feel of their dignity and self esteem. Father by your loving touch start a new work in their heart and mind. Bring about total restoration to everything they have lost and valued. 

Restore their confidence, their sense of self worth. Jesus you are touched by the feeling of their infirmity and pain. Father God bring them to a place of safety in the heart and mind. Touch them In their inner most being where they need a special touch from you. Give them the courage they need to move out of the situation they are in.

Lord from this experience show them how to use it as a stepping stone to touch others who have been in a similar situation and to help them move on with their lives, In Jesus Name Amen.


Dear Father God Letters – Thank You 

Dear Father God,

I just want to say thank you for being there in the midst of every trial I faced. Your Word was and is my foundation. It is also a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathway.

At times it has been tough to keep going and keep standing but I did it because through you I was and am strengthen. I appreciate that there are billions of people on the earth, but you see me as an individual and you love me. Thank you for making me unique with my own set of finger prints and DNA.

Thank you for sending your Son  Jesus to die on the cross for me and thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy life daily.

In Jesus Name Amen.

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