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Book Review: “Everything” by Janine Cummings

I belong to an awesome Facebook woman’s book club called “Women Aspiring for More” led by Tammy Donaldson.  We recently read and reviewed a book called “Everything” by Janine Cummings.

This book shares the painful journey of Janine losing the love of her life,  who she calls “everything” throughout the book. It describes in detail the emotional pain she felt as she realised the relationship was coming to an end. I felt  the book provided a safe environment for her healing process to begin as Janine effectively and engagingly  poured her emotions out on paper.

Below are some of the points I shared whilst reviewing the book in the book club. I realised that as women we experience these same emotions when we feel we are losing a significant other or some thing precious in our life is ending:

  • Janine describes her desperation to holding on to a relationship that was not working and how she was willing to lower herself to become whatever “everything” wanted in order to keep him.
  • Its the story of a woman who also experienced redemption because after losing the love of “everything” she found HIS  love, the love of God.

I really commend Janine for wearing her heart on her sleeves  and would recommend this book  as a great read, as it demonstrates the process of a woman finding herself and her identity after the loss of  “everything”


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Dreams Do Become A Reality ~ My First E-book


I started 2016 with a list of goals that I just prayed over and said “God over to you”. I did not know how some of them would be accomplished but I wrote the vision and made it plain.

Well one of my goals was to publish my first eBook. At the time it looked like a huge mountain but God connected me with a class Dawniel Winningham was teaching about ebooks. So I paid for the class and listen and took notes. Then I made contact with Julia Royston, a publisher and she helped me to publish my first book on 19th September. I am in the process of writing other books and can’t wait to launch them in 2017

When  you have a vision, God will connect the dots and cross the T’s. It was a goal that appeared to be so far fetched for me but I wrote it down anyway.

If you had a goal in 2016 that  has not happened then make sure you write it down as your first goal for 2017. Don’t discard or give up on it. Keep praying over it and keep going!

Here is the link to download my eBook on amazon  Click here .It deals with issues that we may have had we our parents and the dangers of passing on those issues to our own children, if we do not deal with them. at the end of each chapter are exercises that you can do.

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Order My New Ebook called “Cut The Apron Strings”

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to share with you that my first Ebook is now available for pre order. It has been a vision that I have had for over twenty years and I am so greatful to God for honouring this vision

Click the book cover  below to find out more information and links for you to order the book. The cost is  $5.99 (USA)     £4.58      5.29 euros.


A time to speak out by Windsor Queensborough  

This book is an important read for every person in church leadership.  Windsor Queensborough does an excellent job in discussing the issue of domestic violence and the church. He uses the stories of Tamar and Joseph in the bible to speak out about this issue that the church has kept under the carpet for to long.

This book can be purchased on Amazon. Your church needs this book!










Book Review ~ Ada, A victim of fate & Cultural circumstance by Barclays N. Amadi.


image by lutonculture.com

We have thousands of cultures in our world, with rituals and taboos which to some may not make sense but to the respective culture it is everything.

I have visited Nigeria a number of times and the country is steeped in culture and tradition. This beautifully written book Ada, A Victim of Fate and Cultural Circumstance by Barclays N. Amadi was a joy to read and beautifully written. 

The scene is set in a Nigerian village and it tells the story of Ada who was forced to marry at 16 years of age because her parents could no longer afford to educate her. Educating girls was a privilege  and not a right as education was reserved for male children who would grow up, takeover and run the family affairs. Girls were given in marriage and so would transfer into the family of their husband to become home makers.

The story tells of Ada’s various plights after she marries and the subsequent poligomus relationship her husband enters, causing her much pain. I loved the fact that Barclays weaves the culture and traditions into the story, thus giving the reader an understanding of various culturial settings throughout the book. It helped me to understand the plight of both families involved in poligomus relationships with the added expectations of tradition and cultural. 

The book highlights the plight of women in a society which sees them as second class (however I do believe this is changing) and the devastating effects of poverty on families and women who run single homes in such societies. 

I do not want to give away to much of the book but I will encourage you to read it as it gives great insight. Barclays does a great job of  “Highlighting the limitations and hardships forced on women in a traditional, male dominated society”

image from luton-dunstable.co.uk

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