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Month: December 2015

Books I read in 2015 

For 2015 one of my goals was to read two books per month. Unfortunately I did not achieve that goal, I only read 13 books. But for 2016  I will aim to read two per month.

Reading has opened up my mind to how other people live, their experiences and how God can use people to bless others with their gift of writing.

I currently have quite a few books on my kindle to read as well as paper copies, so I aim to complete my goal for 2016. 

If you cannot afford to buy books then join your local library, it’s free!!!!

Here are 10 benefits of reading every day (www.lifehack.org):

1. Mental stimulation

2. It reduces stress

3. It increases your knowledge

4. It increases your vocabulary

5. It aids memory improvement 

6. It Improves your analytical skills

7. Improves focus and concentration

8. Better writing skills

9. Tranquility

10. It’s great entertainment!

Below is are the books I read in 2015 in no particular order.

1. Purpose Awakening by Toure Roberts

2. Paul, A man of grace and grit by Charles Swindoll

3. Single saved and having sex by Venice Haliburton

4. 8 reasons your life matters by John Hendrick

5. A chance in the world by Steven Pemberton

6. The Refuge by Jenny Smith

7. Ada by Barclays N Amadi

8. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

9. The four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

10. The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson

11. Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes Roberts

12. Escaping Domestic Abuse by Jane Boucher

13. The Spirt of Phython by Jetezen Franklin

I pray that in 2016 you will take up the challenge to read more books!👌

Coping with the ‘domestic violence season’

The festive season is now in full swing, and with it the holiday traditions: Taking the children to see Santa, swathing the tree with bright baubles, checking out the latest domestic violence awareness campaign… Wait, what? Amid all the Christmas chintz and cheer, an important message is vying to be heard. Charities, activists, and public […]

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A Thirsty Heart A Thirsty Soul.


For I will give you abundant water for your thirst and for your parched fields……. Isaiah 44:3 (TLB)

we tend to associate thirst with lack of water. Have you ever considered that your heart or soul maybe thirsty. Our inner being tend to crave what we have not received like love, acceptance, care or nurture. We are thirsty souls.
In this scripture God promised to pour water on any one that is thirsty and flood wilderness areas of your life with what you need. 

Our thirsts tend to have roots in our childhood and what we did or did not receive from our parents. God is able to pour water in those areas and water those untendered roots.

Take a moment and let him know where you thirst. Tell him. I do it all the time and he pours his water always.

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