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Domestic Violence and the Church Workshop

   On Saturday 21st November 2015  I attended a workshop to discuss domestic violence and the church. It was a very thought provoking day organised by Marcia Dixon and the Pentecostal Credit Union. We had speakers from the church, agencies… (READ MORE)

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Lending the Gift of my voice – Guest Contributor to

   A couple of weeks ago I was asked to contribute a blog post to women with Gifts. It is a great website which raises awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. It also showcases the gifts and talents of… (READ MORE)

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KBS Domestic Violence Awareness Faith Conference.

      I had the privilidge of attending  this conference on Saturday and It was so impacting. It was great to see women and men for the church and other faiths share their stories. In our communities we tend to… (READ MORE)

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Domestic Violence Advocate ~ Jenny Allen’s Voice

    I have had such a great response to my posts this month that I just wanted to share why I decided to start raising awareness. I have worked in the field of education for over twenty years and seen… (READ MORE)

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